Jessica Nigri’s Mortal Kombat

Now that Jessica Nigri has partnered with 12 North Photography, she’s been assured a permanent place in the cosplay hall of fame as she keeps producing memorable shoot after memorable shoot. You’ll recall that a week or two ago 12 North had her roaming around in the wilderness as Skyrim’s Dovahkiin, and now her latest shoot is online.

She’s playing a character that isn’t much of a stretch for her. The blond and voluptuous Sonya Blade would seem to be a logical choice for Nigri, and this new series has her facing off against Mileena and Jade from Mortal Kombat, and it’s less of a photoshoot and more of a fight club.

None of the costumed ladies are afraid to get (fake) bloody and (pretend) battered, and as such it’s a pretty damn cool series. Check out the full gallery below:

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