Jeremy Clarkson’s Touching Live Action Forza Commercial


Not to be outdone by Sony’s recent fantastic spot for the PS3, Microsoft has crafted a commercial for the Xbox exclusive Forza that’s perhaps even more powerful.

It’s all live action, and features Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson lamenting the death of speed and power in the world of real life driving. If you like muscle cars and horsepower at all, you can relate to what he’s talking about, and quite honestly somehow this manages to be a pretty emotional commercial for a car lover. The only place we can live out our fantasies is in a virtual world, as it’s just not possible elsewhere in real life. I guess really that could be a mantra for ALL video games, and they’ve really hit the mark here with this ad. Check it out for yourself above.

  • Metallimetal

    While I do enjoy Mr. Clarkson, who has what might be considered as…the best voice…in the world (see what I did there?), I can’t see this spot as being more powerful than Sony’s “Michael” commercial. I’m not trying to knock this one, by no means is it poorly done, I just don’t think it resonates with as many people. Sure, most of us have to drive cars, whether it’s for school, work, or just for nice day out on the road. However, we don’t all enjoy it as much as the next person.

    Sony’s ad, to me, was universal, because gamers do precisely that, they play games. It’s something that speaks to anyone who has ever picked up a controller just to see where the story could take them. Gamers and car lovers are alike, in that we both enjoy what we love to do, but I don’t think that the two necessarily go hand in hand. I’m no car enthusiast, but rather a gamer, and after seeing this commercial I can honestly say that it didn’t make me want to do either.

    Nevertheless, this was just my opinion. I think it’s going to be a long while before I can be wowed again by another commercial. Perhaps the Forza spot was just released a little too close for me to really appreciate.

  • Kristoph

    This clip made me instantly go out and drive my V8..