Jed Henry’s Samurai Sonic

samurai sonic

I didn’t realize that Jed Henry was still doing his Samuai Video Game series, but I’ll be damned if I was going to let a new one slip through the cracks. Or at least I think this is a new one, and not just some talented copy cat.

The loop, the bunny escape, Sonic’s rings and both of their shoes; it’s the little details that make these pictures. Here is a full gallery of all his designs that are going on sale. I may have missed one or two others in this batch as well.

  • Tim W.

    The new layout for the site is looking good. Real organized. I like the categories at the top of the screen. Nice work.

  • Ted Zancha

    I concur. The new streamlined and organized look is great.

  • Had all the prints delivered couple weeks ago as I backed the Kickstarter project, although I have yet to receive the original wood block print, the normal prints I got was amazing. I fully recommend the prints for sale!

  • GnomeSlice

    Strange, the print looks slightly different on their actual website:

    Sonic’s face is different, and the rings are outlined in white instead of black. Also the smoke coming out of the defeated swordsman are different, and there’s some Japanese text on the image.

    Their woodblock prints and Glicee prints look different, but this one is only offered as Glicee… wonder why it looks different here.