It’s Stupid O’Clock in Silent Hill

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Really, you need a demon dog jumping at your throat to prove that’s a doghouse? What the hell else would it be? A residence for the local midget?

I’m told I really need to go back and play the original Silent Hill games, as I wasn’t in any way allowed to when I was a child. But I have to wonder, will they still be as scary today as they would have been back then? I can go back and play SNES and Genesis no problem, but when I get into the awkward polygon phase of PSone, I find it hard to get into old games even if I know they’re really good. I wonder if Silent Hill especially would have lost some of its magic over the years, especially now that I know the fog in the town was created for graphical issues, and wasn’t meant to drive the story. But hey, a good game’s a good game, right?

  • Frothy_Ham

    Bearing in mind, I have sentimental feelings towards the game…but I just played it recently, at night, in the dark….and it still got to me.

    It never was an outright scariness to me, more of the sense of dread and hopelessness of the games themes.

  • Jellospike

    The first Silent Hill is still in my opinion the most scary and entertaining horror game ever made. I never had much love for any of the sequels, but SH1 is still in my 5 favorite games of all time.

    Oh, and by the way, that dog house thing with the monster dog is just one example of Silent Hill’s black humor. 😉

  • Frank

    I would HIGHLY recommend playing Silent Hill if you haven’t. Sure the graphics are definitely inferior but they’re not atrocious. And I agree with Frothy_Ham about the sense of dread throughout the entire game. The feeling this gives you is a polar opposite of Resident Evil. Play it alone in the dark.

  • FREAKY GHOST BABIES! Yes, Paul. Give the game a try. The graphics of course will be a bit dated, but one thing that this game excels at that will not be weakened over time is the sound design. Some of the creepiest atmosphere ever created.

  • will

    the first 5 mins of this game scarred me for life. every minute in this game feels like its your last. this game is like a scary and disturbing version of lost, except your the one whose lost and your the only guy in an island full of horrors. its like being in a nightmare and you cant wake up.

  • It will definitely not be as scary because it’s so dated. I only know this because I was obsessed and scared by RE2, and when I tried to show my boyfriend the game a few months ago he scoffed and said it looks awful. The voice acting has also made leaps and bounds so uh…

    It’s probably best left in all our memories.

  • Luna

    What everyone else said: play it alone in the dark. Just because a game is “old” doesn’t make it any less great – tech advances mean nothing if the game is good.

  • *bitchslaps the woman dismissing SH1’s ability to scare without having actually replayed it by having the mindnumbing GALL to compare it to fracking Resident Evil 2*

    Resident Evil = Friday the 13th/Halloween/etc.

    Silent Hill = Jacob’s Ladder/Nightmare on Elm Street (original)/Silence of the lambs.

    You CANNOT compare “Jump out and go boo” scares with “Gets inside your head and lets your imagination make everything much much worse” scares. That’s like comparing Chris Tucker to Richard Pryor, or Will Farrell to Tom Hanks.