It’s Stupid O’Clock in Silent Hill

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Really, you need a demon dog jumping at your throat to prove that’s a doghouse? What the hell else would it be? A residence for the local midget?

I’m told I really need to go back and play the original Silent Hill games, as I wasn’t in any way allowed to when I was a child. But I have to wonder, will they still be as scary today as they would have been back then? I can go back and play SNES and Genesis no problem, but when I get into the awkward polygon phase of PSone, I find it hard to get into old games even if I know they’re really good. I wonder if Silent Hill especially would have lost some of its magic over the years, especially now that I know the fog in the town was created for graphical issues, and wasn’t meant to drive the story. But hey, a good game’s a good game, right?


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