It’s Not Quite the Same Is It?


I’m always uncomfortable talking to people in the military. Their life just seems so much more exciting than mine, and anything I say to them is going to sound lame. “Oh, you just shipped out to the Gulf Coast on an aircraft carrier? Well I wrote a blog about girls in sexy Pikachu costumes today.” But hey, the world needs both I suppose, as evidenced by the many armed service members that have commented on this site since its inception.

Anyway, I normally don’t like these screenshotted Facebook convos, as they’re usually fake, but I think this one’s legit and actually pretty funny, as I can relate. In fact, I’ve had 14,000 respawns to date. Uhh don’t ask me how many kills.

  • J5

    I’ve gotten 2.5 billion kills…..

    Actually I’m pretty sure I’ve maybe gotten 1%-10% of those kills, but it says I have them on the leaderboards!

  • illeaturfamily

    I like how the CoD player’s name is blacked out in his first post, then unambiguously revealed in his second post about the respawns.

  • diablofreak

    I happen to be in the military and ROTC is a big joke, gets you know where in military life.

  • SSgt H

    *no…..maybe you should have hit a class or two

  • NY not NYC

    I was ROTC. I was Army. I’m now Reserves. I also Halo’ed my way through college, and CoD’ed a plenty the past couple years.

    Being a ROTC cadet, when you are a ROTC cadet, is the baddest ass thing ever. You are the cock of the walk (while on campus) and nothing can rock your boat (while on campus).

    Then, well, you graduate. Like all things, life changes after college.

    In fact, being where I am now, six years after graduation, I really want to slap that Caditiot.

  • PSM

    Commissioning source is meaningless in the Army. A 2LT is a 2LT. That said, ROTC cadets are the biggest tools ever.

  • Anakrusix

    Yeah… I like respawning.

  • b00geyman

    Having been in the army and in war, and having played all MoH and COD games, I can only tell you one thing, being in army sucks big time.

  • UltraMarine1302

    Prefers the real thing? I’d rather kill pixelated foes and get blown up by rendered bombs than go back out in the fog, tired from overwork, worried to death about my Marines, looking for bombs then getting blown up again, if given a choice. Always the samething with the unspanked, “Orah, I’m training and getting a military-wise! I can’t wait for combat! O YEAH!”

    The Fleet is hella different from what we are taught and combat isn’t the crap we see in the movies. It’s long streches of bullshit and boredom broken up with small moments of extreme violence and confusion.

  • ikke

    So, the guy whose facebook page we are seeing is a common friend of Max Kaehler and Dylan Harper. Why did ”randomblog” even bother crossing over his name anyway?

  • b00geyman

    @UltraMarine1302 – hear, hear!

  • Bryan

    I just have to say that I respect the guys and gals in the military, especially now when the gov is sending all over the world for long periods of time. For some ill-defined purpose, none the less.

    So, thanks.

  • Mackeaveli

    As a former infantry sgt, ROTC cadet and now a lawyer, I think most ROTC cadets were tools and they got a very rude awakening in the military. I had already been to basic and was in the guard while in college. I got more out of being an Eagle Scout and a Pershing Rifleman than ROTC. I think they give cadets a watered down experience and an over inflated opinion of themselves and their skills and abilities. I feel ALL officers should have to go to basic training first and be treated like an inf grunt. The best officers I served with were prior enlisted men.