I’m Not Sure I Understand Concept Art From the Canceled BioShock Movie

ku-xlarge (1)

A long time ago, Gore Verbinski was set to direct a BioShock movie. It cost too much and became a disaster, so it eventually sunk, only to live again when studios figure out how to make it.

Though there wasn’t much work done on the film, there was some concept art drawn up for it by Tim Flattery. Though I honestly can’t say I understand the idea of concept art when your movie is based on a video game.

As you’ll see below, these are essentially just models from the game, slightly tweaked and with better resolution. But it seems to me like you could have just taken a dozen odd screenshots from the game itself and called it “concept art” too. What is this adding? More below so you can see what I mean:

  • Tom Veil

    Great point. It’s nice art, but if they were paying people to reinvent the wheel like that, it’s no wonder the budget got out of control.

  • RipCity

    probably to sell the style to a bunch of suits who never played the game. the better the art looks the more likely it was to be picked up i imagine.

  • Tyler Parker

    It ain’t a Hollywood production unless they are wasting massive amounts of $.