If Pokemon Were Human

I think a while back I posted a bunch of pictures that had like 600 Pokemon as anime girls. I can’t find it, but I will say I find this variant of the concept a bit less creepy.

There are a hundred or so Pokemon featured here, each with a counterpart that’s usually a kid. As this is a Japanese creation, there are a few that are more…mature individuals, but they’re few and far between. Why Cloyster? Oh…I get it.

Anyway, check out the full picture gallery below, and I’ll see if I can locate the other 50 somewhere.

  • Gabriel

    The censor blur on weepinbell made me lol

  • Anon
  • Jake Stone

    Oh look. More Pokemon.

  • Macky

    Why does Mankey have a Mieu? O.o (Not a Pokémon, see Tales of the Abyss.)

  • VikingIrishman

    Oh, man. That’s always been the first thing to pop into my mind every time I see a Cloyster. Every. Time.

  • Ron

    Why is Jigglypuff naked?

  • thatguy

    cloyster, get in my bed

  • Spaz

    Poliwag fail…. Spiral is counter-clockwise. This changes when it evolves, so Poliwhirl and Poliwrath are fine. ><

  • These human-pokemon beings are called Pokemon Gijinka. There are a lot of drawings of them actually, and they’re great for cosplay or costume ideas for conventions or Halloween parties.

  • Joe

    kakuna looks badass as a human.

  • carlos

    id bang cloyster!

  • mieu from tales of abyss is on the mankey pic

  • Gemini

    Anyone else notice that there are missing Pokemon here? Raticate,Primape,Machoke and Machamp,and Geodude and Gravveler are all missing.

  • Gemini