If Pokemon Were Dinosaurs

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Why yes, I have been slacking on Pokemon posts lately. Thanks for keeping me accountable! To make up for it today I have this rather excellent series from Arvalis that shows Pokemon with a more badass twist to them. They’ve been dinosaur-ified. Some had dino-characteristics to begin with, but I’ve never seen a cooler version of Scyther, Nidoking or these other ones. If you stopped playing after Gold/Silver like me you can be kind of lost when it comes to the new ones.

Once there’s a Pokemon game released for the 3DS I’ll be all over it, and it will be fun to revisit the series after more than a decade away. I’d say I won’t recognize it but even ten years later Nintendo STILL refuses to take it off handhelds, so it can’t be all that different.

Check out the other pictures in the series below:


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