If Ocarina of Time was a Children’s Book

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I’ve been trying to post this for a while now, but I haven’t been able to get the images to work. Finally I wrestled down the website demons that were plaguing me, and managed to get the post up. Hopefully you enjoy it.

It’s an art project from Vikki Chu who was tasked with reinterpreting something as a children’s story. She chose the Ocarina of Time, which I think we can all agree is a pretty great decision.

She works her way through the plot of the game in ten images, the rest of which you can see below, and any you can blow up to pretty much wallpaper size. Good work Vikki, and keep making video game art!

  • john

    this art is freakin awesome!!!

  • Orion

    The Ocarina of Time is already a perfect children’s story. Not to say that these images aren’t cool. I love the look and the creativity of the artist is cool.

    When I have kids, I’m going to read/share bedtime stories with them across several media. I’ll play a little of Ocarina of Time before they go to bed, reading the dialogue in different voices, and always getting their input on what I should do next in the story or offering them a few tries to figure out a puzzle in a dungeon.

    It’s the same concept as reading to a child and then having them grow older and re-read it themselves. They’ll grow up and want to play the game themselves someday when they’re older.

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  • Mike

    I thought we were going to get the whole game in pictures. This is incredible.

  • man

    The ilustrations are awful