If Mario and Peach Were Sid and Nancy


Just because I don’t understand a project, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it. Here’s a rather strange idea from artist Butcher Billy. I’ll just let him explain:

“So I decided to go with everyone’s favourite italian plumber. Instead of simply trying to make Mario look badass (like loads of pointless fan-arts across the web), I wanted to challenge myself, choosing the most improbable and badass real life characters I could think of, and make them impersonate Mario and his universe, yet keeping both visual sources totally recognizable in their concepts.”

His badass real life characters? Sid and Nancy, the punk rock couple that met an untimely end. Whatever his motivations (the project was commissioned by Nintendo World), it turned out pretty great. See some other pieces from the series below, and there are a bunch of related GIFs here.




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