If Celebrities Were Pokemon: Redux

Celebrity Pokemon 7

A while back we featured a post called “Your Celebrity is Evolving” which had young stars evolving into new stars while at the same time, being compare to Pokemon.

It was fantastic, and now we’re revisiting the concept because people have re-done the idea and added new ones to boot. Mercifully, we’re still only using the original 150, except for a few “pre-evolutions” that I don’t quite understand. Something evolves into Snorlax? What?

Check out the full gallery below, and add your own if you think of any more.

Celebrity Pokemon 8


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  • JoakimZigerrist

    Wow! A new level of “reality detachment” i have to say:)

  • Nathan Forester

    At least they didn’t go with Sarah Jessica Parker for Rapidash.