Iconic Doom Screen Taken from 320×240 to 9,600×7,211

doom screen

To say “video games have changed a lot over the years” is probably the understatement of the decade, and that will likely be even more true after later today when the Playstation 4 is finally revealed. But it’s always cool to go back and see just how much computer rendering technology has changed over the past twenty years or so.

The screen above is flipping back and forth between an iconic low-res Doom screen and a more modern counterpart. The new one was designed by artist Elemental79, and has the distinction of having an absolutely insane resolution of 9,600 by 7,211.

That image is far too big to upload and post here, so you’ll have to be content to follow this link to DeviantArt where you can scour over ever little detail. And damn, is there detail.


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