I Think I Found Next Year’s Couples Costume

As much as I enjoyed Halloween this year, my girlfriend and I did kind of miss having a cool, non-lame couples costume like we did the year before when we were Ash and Pikachu. I think couples costumes are stupid if they’re like “plug and socket” or “salt and pepper” or things of that nature, but if they’re creative? I’m all for it.

That’s why I may model next year’s costume off of this one, which has Banjo being hoisted up by Kazooie in what could be the best couples costume of 2011. I really did love this game for N64, but I may have to force the gf to play it in order for her to be down with it. But I’d also feel bad about copying, so I may just have to think of a brand new one on my own. I suppose I do have 11 months to think it over.

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  1. Limitus November 9, 2011

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