I Choose You


Is this the nerdiest way to ask someone out ever? It’s pretty damn close, but come on, you have to say yes. You can’t change the name of your Pokemon more than once, meaning he’s tainted all his high-level Pokemon…just for you! If that’s not a romantic gesture, I’m not sure what is.

Plus, she’s going to tear through the Elite Four with a level 98. That’s just a bonus gift right there.

  • Lagrange

    Interestingly when I read the picture my first thought that this would be rather the gesture of a girl so when I read “Plus, SHE’s going to tear through…” I was quite confused for a couple of seconds.

  • Limitus

    @lagrange: yeah. i thought first about a girl doing this, too.

    i guess this is more the way a girl would do it plus the handwriting seems to me more like that of a girl.

  • Ugo Strange

    That is SERIOUSLY awesome.

  • f

    Well, just as a reminder, lesbians exist. It’s true! Anyway, this is cute.

  • f

    That was a bit snarky, I’m sorry. I do think this seems more like a boy’s gesture, anyway. A boy did something slightly similar for me when I was in school. He had handwriting kind of like that, too.

  • Don

    I can do that to =p give me 2 days; and a Missingno

  • JoeMecPak

    Totally awesome! 🙂
    It only works if the girl/boy you want is as nerd as you!

  • Edzone

    This is pathetic, of course you can change your Pokémons names more than once, I constantly change them, this will not affect the persons life at all. Way to go nerd, you life will have changed in no way if she says ‘no’. You done goofed up.

  • Bryan

    I want to know how old these 2 are. Youngin’s- cute. Teenage- a bit strange. 20’s- horrifying.

  • Zapdos

    Hilariously one of those pokemon is a cloyster.
    Heres a hilarious little remake of this picture http://boards.420chan.org/po/src/1280373339989.png