I Accidentally Found the Oldest Pokemon Cosplay on the Internet

Doing my daily Google Image search for sexy Pokemon (jokes!) I stumbled across something magical. It’s a website called “CostumeMaker.com” which is a Geocities-ish page still active from way back in 1999.

There I found what has to be one of the oldest attempts at Pokemon cosplay that exists on the internet, as the game didn’t even debut until late 1998 in North America. As you can see from the picture above, the attempt is both a horrific failure and a smashing success at the same time. Awful sure, but also incredibly awesome.

Don’t worry, there are even MORE pics of the duo that you can check out below. I know, don’t all thank me at once. Pardon the image quality but I’m pretty sure this was taken back when digital cameras were like .05 Megapixels, and JPGs hadn’t even been invented yet.

Check out the gallery below. If you can find any Pokemon pictures older than this, please send them over (paul@unrealitymag.com)


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