How You Guys See Me

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Yes, it’s a tiny picture, but trust me, it gets huge. That’s what he said.

Anyway, I found this rather awesome image today, and I feel it describes how some of you think of me, as the fat, bespectacled nerd in the corner living a fantasy through Pokemon.

I’m alright with that stereotype, although it was more true about ten years ago than today, which would be the last time I actually played a Pokemon game. I  just post them all the time because I appreciate the series as a distinctive part of my childhood. But seriously, if Nintendo ever gets their act together and releases a legitimate console game? I’ll be first in line.

  • VileThings

    a) Awesome.

    b) It’s about the same with me. My Game Boy Color is actually sitting in the shelf behind me, Pokemon Blue still tucked inside from when I last played it some 6-7 years ago.

  • JZ

    Thats what HE said?

  • Why would SHE say that?

  • Stefanos

    Hehe i don’t really read the comments and i don’t know if people really do say those things but POKEMON FTW!!! Serisously it may be that the memories i had when i was young make them so awesome to me but i really believe that the whole concept of pokemon is incredible!! This combined with the gameboy games with all the secrets and myths and rare pokemon etc made me love pokemon so much. After i stopped playing them (except from the occasional turning on of my gameboy :P) it took a game like wow to make me so obsessed with a game again 😛
    (PS i am not a fat nerd sitting and playing games all day i have a great life and get out a lot but i just like these things and wanted to give my oppinion)

  • JessKitty

    Actually, I saw you as being one of those “cooler” nerds, you know, the ones who were actually coordinated and maybe even athletic, but were super smart. The kid that could have been part of the “cool” crowd, but decided they just didn’t care, that they liked what they liked and if that made them a nerd, then so be it.

    Maybe it’s your writing…

  • @JessKitty

    This is perhaps the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me on this site, haha.

  • Aaron

    The last time I voiced my opinion on a Pokemon post, I said It was “the gayist shit ever”. Of course, I was hammered for my supposed homophobia, the fact that I had a typo on the word “gayest”, and the fact that my Name has two A’s in it. Actually I was called a Prick for that one. For spelling my name correctly. You people have the completely wrong idea about me. I enjoy Paul’s writing. If I didn’t, why would I frequent Unreality? Paul, I respect your childhood memories. You’re a good writer. That all being said, Pokemon is still the Gayest shit of all time. No one has ever been blown because they knew what the hell a blastoid was. Now Darth Vader? The chosen one will get you blown. Shit, the digimon could get you a Handy. But pokemon…Faggy. Way Faggy.

    Have a laugh guys. Don’t be so serious.

  • JZ

    Well I am glad HE has a good opinion of your referenced ‘thing’.

  • I actually never really saw you as a Poke-tard or whatever they’re called. What are they called? I just think you have/had an interest and are willing to both discuss and occasionally geek out about it. I like cats (in a very healthy way) but my friends and co-workers see me as a “cat guy.” I don’t even have one for a pet (notice I didn’t call it a ‘companion’)! I just think they’re hilarious and cute…mostly.

    Anyways, that’sa great pic, regardless of the implication.

  • @# JessKitty, # Paul Tassi: Oh, get a room!

  • Drester

    I have to say. Posting pictures of your hot girlfriend certainly helps adjusting the nerd stereotype.

    Nintendo is about to release it’s first legitimate console game this year. Put November 18th in your calendar. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be something special.

  • JessKitty

    @# Hallam…. that’s what HE said!

  • Nikola

    did everyone else notice the three hidden pokemon in this picture? ho-oh, mew and lapras?? =]

  • WakyWizerdX

    No Christina Hendricks?

  • Jake Stone

    Not fat or bespectacled. Nerd, yes. And WAY WAY too much Pokemon.

  • matt

    I went blind for like a few days because of pokemon and that dam Game Boy Pocket i bought from 1 of my friends in middle school. It was my First real obsession in to a video game. I will always think back to that time in my life when i get excited for the next big game. Love your Web site! Peace!!

  • Andy D

    Talking about you Paul I was reading your stuff on Forbes and Unreality for the longest time before it hit me that this Paul Tassi and that Paul Tassi are the same person.