How We’d Really Use a Portal Gun


Everyone likes to imagine that they’d be some kind of superhero or bank robber if they had a portal gun that actually worked, but what’s the first thing we’d do if we actually got our hands on one? Dick around with our friends of course.

This video is from Jason Craft, but unfortunately I can’t embed his Vimeo copy as I don’t think our intenational readers could see it. A Youtube rip is above, but I encourage you to watch the original if you can to support him.

The whole thing has a very Chronicle-type feel to it, and it’s just occurred to me that if a real Portal gun didn’t come with the shock absorbing boots, almost everyone would be dead or have their legs broken in minutes most likely.

  • Jadis

    people would die. There would be so many accounts of accidental man slaughter …

  • wevs

    That dude with the cap and glasses… seriously, I wanted to break my leg kicking his nuts even before he cemented his position as a major douche.