How to Freak Out Your Friends, Courtesy of Skyrim

This is a pretty great prank idea pulled from a redditor that he uses to freak out his friends. The Dark Brotherhood isn’t an organization to trifle with, and find this on your car and you’ll be crapping your pants, and you won’t want to go to sleep for fear you might wake up and be asked to murder one of three blindfolded people.

What would be even more hilarious is if the friends had never played Elder Scrolls, and so they wouldn’t get it and be REALLY freaked out. Everyone’s got some sort of secret, and can you imagine receiving something like this in real life? I freaked out when I got it in the GAME!

  • MrZarq

    When you want to link to a reddit source, you shouldn’t link to the imgur link, you should link to the comments page. In this case:

  • Limitus

    def need this on my wall!

  • Dont be a Goof

    As soon as I got that piece of paper in Skyrim, I knew the drill. Nearest bed was used.

  • Alaric

    I know a guy that plays nothing but Nintendo consoles, he’s a prime target for this message.

  • Cykick

    Already pulled that on one of my classmate
    He never talks to anyone that day. LOL