How to Be an Unarmed Badass in Skyrim


I’m not usually a “Let’s Play” or “YouTube walkthrough” sort of guy when it comes to video games (although both might cease to exist if SOPA passes), but I did enjoy this clip that explains the best way to be an unarmed viking badass in Skyrim.

What does that mean exactly? It means pummeling your way through the game using only your fists, and never touching an actual weapon. I always wondered why there were perks that increased unarmed, as who would EVER possibly use that, but as it turns out, with the right combination of things, it’s a valid way to play the game.

But the real appeal of the video is the viking narrating it. I mean, I’m sure he’s just Swedish or something, but he’s the reason the video is worth watching for sure. NSFW language ahoy.


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