How Long Will it Take to Beat? Now You’ll Know

If you’re like me, you try to invest your video game dollars wisely. For example, buying Mass Effect 2, a game you can sink 40+ hours into easily, is probably a much better deal for $60 than Dead Space 2, a good game in its own right, but likely with no more than 11 hours of playtime. It gets even worse with games like Dante’s Inferno (6~7 hours) or Force Unleashed 2 (4~5 hours). Every so often, you’ll stumble upon a great find like Oblivion which can bring you 100+ hours of fun if you exhaust all its content.

But how are you supposed to know? That’s what someone behind wanted to know. It’s a site I’ve just recently discovered, and I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s a massive list of games with readers writing in to say how long it took them to beat. As more people read the site, the more accurate the numbers will be, but from the games I’ve seen, they’re pretty on par with my own experience.

Check out the site for yourself, and fill in any hour info you may have from your own titles.


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