How Long Will it Take to Beat? Now You’ll Know

If you’re like me, you try to invest your video game dollars wisely. For example, buying Mass Effect 2, a game you can sink 40+ hours into easily, is probably a much better deal for $60 than Dead Space 2, a good game in its own right, but likely with no more than 11 hours of playtime. It gets even worse with games like Dante’s Inferno (6~7 hours) or Force Unleashed 2 (4~5 hours). Every so often, you’ll stumble upon a great find like Oblivion which can bring you 100+ hours of fun if you exhaust all its content.

But how are you supposed to know? That’s what someone behind wanted to know. It’s a site I’ve just recently discovered, and I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s a massive list of games with readers writing in to say how long it took them to beat. As more people read the site, the more accurate the numbers will be, but from the games I’ve seen, they’re pretty on par with my own experience.

Check out the site for yourself, and fill in any hour info you may have from your own titles.

  • Josh

    Ah, Assassins Creed II. It took me 46 hours (all in one long 3 day gaming binge that I regretted on Monday) to beat the campaign. I refuse to open the case again for fear of becoming addicted to finding those damned feathers…

    Thankfully, Brotherhood only took 28-30 hours to complete (minus a few things that I didn’t want to do anyway)

  • kenyon

    Dead Space…. 9 3/4 hours. But it was the best game i have ever played. Saying that this game is only a ten hour game is unfair. shorter games have a higher replay value because they are shorter. How many times have you went to play Oblivion again and said “Damn I’m not sure i want to do all that again.” And being only ten hours your more apt to turn around and play it again sooner. Not only is this game worth at least two play throughs making it a 20 hour game, it pays homage to it first installment is ways that when you see something you remember the game remembers it too and adds to your nostalgia. The game is worth a 60 play through, not only because the replay value or the nostalgia built it to the experience, but the precision of in game mechanics and crispness of graphics. Your character does what he’s suppose to and nothing else. the lighting and background never fall apart and you feel like you are actually being thought of by the developers. Its not New Vegas where your companions randomly start killing other nonhostile npcs, or call of duty where the back ground is just flat graphics that have been layered. its worth every single penny you spend. plus the emotions you get while playing are a roller coaster ride. Sorry so long but I felt some negative press towards Dead Space 2 because of something that is misunderstood as a bad thing. long live Dead Space 2.

  • Aaron J

    Great site. Simple yet this info is one of my top concerns with buying new games. Far too many games are trying to get you to pay 60 bucks for a 10 hour campaign. And i happen to agree with the Yahtzee school of thinking that games MUST stand on single player alone before you add in multiplayer. Or games almost need a 2nd review/score for the multiplayer.

    Take my view on Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Single player ended up being pretty meh in the end. Stuff blew up and according to it was over in an average of 5.8 hours. Oh wait they added in the whole play every map/board 20 times for an achievement. Unless your an achievement seeker that is just not good enough. One to ten it ranks about a 4/10. Below average playtime makes it below par no matter how nice the buildings explode.

    But then add in multliplayer and the game gets to be much better. With actual replay ability versus the achievement-redo-the-same-maps thing. Its a solid 7/10 to me.

    Anyway this got away from me. Point is that actual playing time for a game when its new and fresh is much more important to me than flashy graphics, multiplayer, or achievements.

    Dead Space 2 took me around the same amount of time to beat on survivalist. It was a great game but you are never going to be scared the same by all the jump scares. The experience is only going to vary in difficulty and weapon choices (plasma cutter ftw). I wouldn’t look down on anyone wanting to own Dead Space 2 but that playtime has “RENT-ME” written all over it. Depending on your rental place its like a tenth of the price for time spent playing. If i want to play the game again I would rent it again.

    Though i totally agree that they polished the game very nicely, which is much easier to do in a short game versus the Fallout: New Vegas bug-fest.

  • Rob J

    It’s a good site that thought me one thing… I have spent more hours on Fallout and Oblivion than most of the voter together :L

  • That is a brilliant site, but man they seem to be able to play game quick!! I like need 2x more time on all of em