How Crazy is Gaddafi? He Has a Giant Prince of Persia Poster in His Palace


We usually try to stay away from world news events on the site here (as we should, this is a happy place), but today this was too ridiculous not to share. Libyan dictator Gaddafi is currently hiding from his own people about to throw him out, and now for the first time journalists get to explore his palaces to see exactly what lurks there.

We’ve seen gold plated guns and abused staff members, but this might be one of the stranger finds so far. I’m not sure if the time stamp is embedded with that video, but if not, skip to 1:33 and see a giant painting that is unmistakably from the Prince of Persia. Knowing how insane Gaddafi is, he probably played the game and then started telling people the plot was based around his experiences as a youth.


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