How Crazy is Gaddafi? He Has a Giant Prince of Persia Poster in His Palace


We usually try to stay away from world news events on the site here (as we should, this is a happy place), but today this was too ridiculous not to share. Libyan dictator Gaddafi is currently hiding from his own people about to throw him out, and now for the first time journalists get to explore his palaces to see exactly what lurks there.

We’ve seen gold plated guns and abused staff members, but this might be one of the stranger finds so far. I’m not sure if the time stamp is embedded with that video, but if not, skip to 1:33 and see a giant painting that is unmistakably from the Prince of Persia. Knowing how insane Gaddafi is, he probably played the game and then started telling people the plot was based around his experiences as a youth.

  • victor

    HAHA holy crap, good thing it’s not Gyllenhaal.

    are the rebels going to hang him like Saddam?

  • Anon E. Moose

    I believe that’s the quarters of one of his sons.
    Gaddafi is a level 85 retribution paladin.

  • How crazy are Americans? He has a palace and pics in it so what? It is like you go into someones private room, and abuse him bcs of what he has on the wall….fucking occupators… no one, no nations is that mean…like the god damn Americans….awful things… Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Afghanistan, Irak, Iran, Serbia, Libya..etc..etc…War and destruction their only way for making money..

  • V

    This isn’t the site for angry politicking or anti-American rhetoric. Take your hate and your biased view of world history somewhere else.

    @Griffin Cologne:
    Never, ever shut down someone’s voice.

  • JTN

    Come on guys are you really that foolish to think America MAKES money going to war all the time, thats how America LOSES money, no this country ain’t always perfect and we’ve probably been in some wars we should’ve stayed out off, but most of they time we are fighting for the greater good, Gadaffi was an awful abusive and cruel dictator, if any of you lived under him, sadam, or any of the other nations we have helped out, you would want the same help. and for the record…America is not that mean when it comes to their own citizens either, try alot of these Arabic countries where its still legal to cut off their citizens hands and feet for stealing, or beheading them for something as simple as sleeping with someone they arent married to, THAT is cruelty. America fights for freedom, and thats the way it should be.

  • Griffin


    There’s a difference between shutting down someone’s voice and suggesting they voice their resentment in the proper venue. There are plenty of websites, blogs, newsgroups, and discussion boards out there dedicated to the fierce debate of political beliefs and ideals. I’m sure you’d agree that this isn’t one of them.

  • Bob


    Hey idiot, there are no American troops there. If you want to spew your ignorant propaganda somewhere, go find an al-jazeera article.

  • Jay

    TO SANJAR: Your a dumbass…plain and simple. The US has lost money since the war in the middle east began. Any idiot who looks at the economy and stock market will realize that. You are a prime example of a racist moron who has nothing better to do than to bash a country that you wish you lived in

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  • sajjad

    pretty lame and stupid video
    qaddafi was the hero a few years back cause he was a puppet, now he wanted to break free of the control and he became a villain. just like saddam, osama, and dozens of others.

  • Jack

    AMERICA FIGHTS FOR FREEDOM?!?! So WHY are they accepting Israel’s settlements, killing innocent Palestinian civilians, closing their eyes to what’s happening – where is the human rights and freedom when Israel is sending phosphour-weapons raining down on civilian areas, making the people having a slow and painful death! We only hear about the military-bus in Israel that is BOMBED by Hamas, where half of the time it is just confused maniac activists targetting random places, and the rest is by Hamas – targetting busses and other military targets! America is controlled by fanatic zionists, and America will never be a place of “freedom” or “peace”…

    • Madison

      Wow, Jack, you used almost every single buzzword. Next time try to fit in “apartheid state” and “genocide.”

      Also, go fuck yourself.