How Batman Plays PS3

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There will be plenty of time to discuss everything about E3 shortly, but I just had to comment on this half-ludicrous, half awesome controller for Batman Arkham City I came across.

It’s “officially licensed” and it’s how I imagine Batman would play PS3 in the bat cave when there’s no crime to be fought. Unfortunately, as this is made by a third party, I can’t imagine it feels as nice as a traditional controller. Third party peripherals are really never going to be able to shake that “Mad Catz” stigma, I have to say.

  • JWayne

    The picture is of the PS3 controller, not the Xbox 360 controller…

    So, this is how Batman would be playing PS3 when there’s no crime to be fought.

  • tuffy

    are you sure that isn’t a ps3 controller? the face buttons and triggers look more ps3ish than xbox. I’d still buy it just for the location of the joysticks… That’s the only problem I have with the ps3 controller.

  • ganung

    why do you have a picture of the ps3 controller when the title is “How Batman Plays xbox”?

  • Oh wow, that’s really weird. Doesn’t that look almost exactly like Xbox controller though on first glance? Other than the symbols of course, which I missed.

  • Lman

    It’s the PS3 controller but with the Xbox design. I really like the PS3 dual shock so this controller is a pass for me, as much as I like Batman paraphernalia.

  • Troy J.

    I had two controllers by Mad Catz that both stopped working within like 6 months. Never again. It’s one of the few third party products that just do not stand up to name brand.

  • trashcanman

    Sony’s 360 envy is starting to get out of hand. Still, that’s one badass controller.

  • nyxaria

    its the batman guys … only he can play on an xbox with a ps3 controller :O

    on the otherhand it really looks like the unholy child of a xbox and a ps3 controller

  • Joe D

    So… it’s a 360 controller crossed with a PS3 controller. Interesting, but I doubt it would be worth it; even for a Batman Game.