Home Decorating Tips: The Portal Mirror


You don’t usually come to Unreality for home style tips, but I’ve got one for you today. Behold, the home Portal mirror, or the easiest, coolest DIY home decoration ever.

How do to it? What do you mean how to do it? If you can’t figure it out by looking at that picture, I’m not even sure you understand how to leave the house and buy a mirror. Just get a mirror that shape (IKEA is a good bet), get two shades of blue paint, and voila! Instant portal. And for its other half, repeat the process with orange paint.  It’s so easy I’m not sure how no one thought of it until now.

I guarantee if I did this, I would walk into it at least once, just to be sure.

[via Gizmodo]

  • Matt Chi

    Omg, I am definitely doing this in my house, I am ebaying cheap oval shaped mirrors right now.

  • corey

    I’m sorry but this is lame. Maybe it cause I remodel homes for a living, but wow, this is lame.

  • I think what you can do is to put some LED lights matching with rotating shadows behind the mirror to make it more “portal-ish”.

    I wonder if there’s a way to remove the human reflection and leave everything else there. Of course you need only one angle, but it would be cool if there could be a mirror where when you look even in different angles, it’s as if you’re not there.

    That’s pretty lame but cool though