Hey Look, It’s the PSP2 (the NGP)

Sony has just announced their newest handheld system because they apparently didn’t want to wait for E3 when the 3DS was already riding a huge wave of buzz. They’ve released a lot of info about the device, and the highlights include that it has an OLED screen, touch controls, 3G and dual analog controls. That last bit is perhaps the most exciting part.

The downside is that the thing is huge, even bigger than the old PSP, and there’s no cool glasses-free 3D tech like what’s found in the 3DS.

For full details on the new system, head over to Kotaku here. It’s cool, but is it really pushing the envelope enough to compete with the DS and 3DS? I’m not so sure.

  • Rob J

    It looks cool enough and it also is running a quad core processor by the way.

    I like that it will probably be the first handheld device truly able to do and FPS properly so resistance and that will be animal but I am genuinely scared to see how much this will cost…seeing as the DS is around 300 euros at least I reckon the PSP could cost 400 easily considering the nature of the parts but thats pure speculation.

    I just hope Sony remembered that the DS kicked there ass last time with a cheaper console and a fancy gimmick that really caught on for better or worse…and this time they have Oricana of time so yeah….see how that goes.

    Last thought, I refuse to call it the NGP and I am sure everyone will just call it PSP2 and it will have its name changed like Natal did.

  • Anon E. Moose

    The only reason the DS has a larger market share (really does it still? I thought the PSP passed it a year or so ago) is because all of the man-children that would rather nostalgiagasm over pokemanz and jrpgs. Try comparing gameplay – the nintendo is as limited as it gets, you either get side-scrolling, bird’s eye or text based shit. There is the factor of the touchscreen, but that’s a novelty, I have never seen a game to incorporate it in a non-annoying way that isn’t to mimic extra buttons.
    While I will probably get flamed for this, I’d like to add that I own a DS myself and a PSP and as far as portable factor goes the PSP trumps it with better, more entertaining and useful software, superior graphics and a pallet of genres to choose from.
    The DS on the other hand has Pokemon… which is awesome.

  • Rob J

    Dude you just complained about “man-children that would rather nostalgiagasm over pokemanz and jrpgs” and then said Pokemon is awesome in the same sentence. Its also a JRPG btw.

    I honestly don’t care that Nintendo market there consoles like there crack for children because all those piles of money they make on occasion, goes towards Zelda and good Mario games 🙂

  • Guy Incognito

    What Sony got right is this is a console experience on the go. Initial impressions say the graphics rival Xbox 360 and PS3 and with two analog sticks the controls match up now. I’d love to see a new PS3 game like Mass Effect 3 or Assassin’s Creed 3 or something come packaged with it’s identical PSP2 version so you can just continue your save on the go.

  • Gabriel

    3d is stupid lol

  • Anon E. Moose

    Rob, I never said I wasn’t a kid trapped in a grown man’s body.
    What I was trying to really say is that both consoles have redeeming qualities, but the PSP is superior, at least in my opinion.

  • Henrik

    “really does it still? I thought the PSP passed it a year or so ago”

    Yeah, i guess that’s why all the stores around here has tonns of DS games and barely even a shelf left for PSP games and are no longer selling those idiotic UMD movies.