Hell is Other People – How Gamers are Ruining Gaming

I like League of Legends. It’s taken me a while to warm up to it, but after a few dozen games, I’ve finally gotten the hang out of it to the point where I can play a match, and not be unspeakably awful. Sometimes I’m even…good.

But the road to get here was exhausting, and with how much hate I received on the way, I’m surprised I stuck with it at all, and am not shocked when I hear many people quit. It’s stunning to me that a perfectly good game can be sabotaged to this degree by its own community, which is one of the most juvenile and hateful I’ve ever seen across the industry.

Learning to play different characters in League takes time. That means as you go, you’ll be dying plenty as you figure out what the hell you’re doing. The problem? Such a thing will earn you a torrent of hate from those you’re playing with, or against.

This is tame. They only said ur mom twice and noob once.

I’ve never been called a noob so many times in my entire life, and that’s saying something as I’ve been an avid COD and Halo player for a while now. The other team trash talks, your own team threatens to report you “for sucking noob.” Noob. Noob. Noob. It’s enough to make you ragequit even though the obstacle isn’t the game itself. I even had a game yesterday where a player on the other team died once, blamed one of his teammates, and spent the rest of the game feeding us kills while typing “u mad bro” on repeat. One guy ruined the entire match for nine other people, and there was nothing any of us could do about it as it was happening.

Of course, this is not unique to League of Legends. I can’t play a game of Starcraft without something similar happening. If you win, you’re a loser with no life and are cheating. If you lose, you’re a noob. Noob. Noob. Noob. And of course, if you dare to unmute people in Call of Duty, you’ll hear probably the most vile things out of any game out there.

How did we get this way? It’s pretty easy to trace. Back when multiplayer was only local, trash talking while playing a competitive game was the norm. The term “noob” hadn’t been coined yet, but that didn’t matter. You would lambast your friends when they lost, and discredit them when they won.


That was all in good fun then, but now, it’s not the same with people you don’t know. There’s something indescribably infuriating about being trash talked by strangers on the internet in every game you play. When I play games with my friends online now, we’re never trashing each other anymore, rather, we’re banding together to fend off a verbal assault from a crew of thirteen year olds from halfway around the world. It’s not fun, it’s just annoying.

What used to be a good-natured ribbing of your friends, is now just a faceless collection of douchebags who are at their best, extremely negative, and at their worst, horrendously racist, sexist or homophobic. In fact, when you run into someone who’s NICE in a game, you want to party up so that you don’t lose them in a sea of loudmouths.

Something needs to be done to clean up the gaming community as a whole, because if we’re trying to make the case that gaming is a “grown up” activity, that’s absolutely disproven by anyone who joins a game with voice or text chat.

He may look cute, but you should hear the things that come out of that mouth.

My solution? I’m not sure I have a specific one, but I think it has to be something draconian. Yes, it may quash freedom of speech to a certain extent, as to paraphrase 21 Jump Street, you do have the right to be an asshole, but the “bad manner” reporting systems we have in place do not issue real penalties the vast majority of the time. Permanent bans, account forfeiting , whatever it takes. This plague is only getting worse over time.

There needs to be a system in place that rewards civil players for being mannered or helpful, and levels strict penalties on those trolls who degrade the experience. I’m also in favor of a permanent ban of the word “noob” in any game, as its use has never been followed by anything remotely worth hearing.

I think it’s a great thing that I can boot up a game and be playing with someone halfway around the world. But if that kid’s calling me a “fag” for the duration of our match, I wouldn’t exactly call that progress. Great games are being tainted by the very people that play them, and developers would be wise to seriously consider substantive solutions to this issue, as their games would benefit greatly because of it.  Until then, I’ll just keep hitting the report button, and pray it’s not a placebo.


  • Velovan

    This is one of the reasons I’ve been favoring single player games more and more as I’ve gotten older. If I wanted to talk to idiot douchecopters I’d just stay at work and chat up our newest batch of Marketing majors…

  • Gil

    Dito Velovan. It’s sad that the “anonymity” of the internet has given a**holes the perception that they can act however they want without consequence. I’ve never played on XBL and have only gotten on the PSN a couple times trying out a friends games, but it was always the kids with their high pitched voices that were the most obnoxious. I agree that some type of ban should be allowed for repeat offenders. Or how about some kind of loss of experience/prestige for every offense. Something noticeable that tells them their “work” starts going down the drain with bad behavior. Just an idea.

  • Jason

    Play with some friends vs. intermediate bots. Problem solved.

  • Skeebo

    I hate people that use the “its a free country” when justifying their deplorable behavior.

    Yeah, you are free to be an asshole in most countries. That freedom, however, does not free you from the consequences of being such.

    The problem with the reporting option is that it probably is mostly a placebo b/c even if they did anything meaningful to the offender, the offender can just call up customer service until they get someone to believe their sob story that their friends are just pulling a prank on them, or it takes so long and so many reports that by the time it actually happens it is meaningless b/c nobody notices they’re gone under cacophony of voices that have taken up their example.

    For something to be effective it’d have to be active and not user driven. For LoL it could be a text scanning add-on that processed the chat log live and filtered the content/handed out warnings.

    For something like Xbox Live, or PSN, or any voice chat based system… it’d have to be a pretty sophisticated voice recognition algorithm that there is no way could be run, in a fiscally feasible manner, live, though it probably could be run on a delay to hand out warnings/punishments on a somewhat consistent if delayed basis.

  • Mature Player

    Another negative of the Xbox Live experience specifically: Because of all the ear molesters, the good guys you mentioned tend to be in party chat with their friends so they can have peace, so the game chat is just a desolate wasteland of parasites, making it hard to communicate with and meet mature players.

  • RBourn

    Hear Hear Paul.

    I only play 1 game online, Space marine. I have found the people to be generally helpful and cooperative. The game has a coop mode which I think fosters a type of politeness because players in vs generally find themselves teamed up with the same people.

    But generally I play single player. I have never played any COD or Battlefield games, nor do I intend to as they seem to be filled with angry children shut in their rooms.

  • Tora

    And that´s exactly why I don´t play Dota or LoL by myself, but in a group of three to five friends 🙂

  • B2TEGods soulja

    but they have made a way out of it on xbl. my friends and i when ever we would play gears of war 2 would always just stay in our party chat. whenever one of them would say “hey lets go to game chat and talk to them” i would have to quickly remind them “no. bad puppy. they are just gona be mean to you” and the voice thing its do-able on a report level. when a certin # of reports are on one tag then they put the program online to find the owner of that tag and moniter him or her and see if the person is bad or not

  • Nickincollege

    @RBourn I’ve definitely encountered it in COD games but Battlefield 3 not so much. It may be because I log in and have it set to squad chat only, so I’m talking with my regular friends. But even outside of that, it’s not that bad at all. I haven’t encountered any problems with it as far as verbal abuse. Now I’ve sent an angry message or two to those who use the USAS with frag rounds, but as far as kids getting on there and calling you a “noob” or “fag”, it hasn’t really been an issue. I’m guessing that it’s because all the kids want to play COD rather than Battlefield. So if you play Battlefield, you’re more likely to get an older and more mature crowd.

  • Joey

    Gaming used to be great, online games were once something of splendor that people from across the world could enjoy together as friends and foster great teamwork.

    And then my generation of idiots, assholes, and foul-mouths brats came onto the scene and online gaming was ruined for everyone for all time.

    Which is why I stick to literate Rping.

  • Alex

    Hey Paul!
    I was an avid League player until my computer died recently. Level 30 with 100% wins in ranked this season. I don’t miss the community that much since I stopped playing, but I do miss some of my League buddies. The community is surprisingly tame compared to that of Heroes of Newerth or DoTA. Those games, you’ll constantly be berated for sucking, and worse, the learning curve is a lot steeper. I could rarely find friends that would stick with it long enough to get past it (due in large part to the community). I’ve been impressed with some of the matches in League and how civil and understanding people can be. Of course, low level matches are always filled with trolls and smurfs. The other side of the coin is the high level matches are chock full of try hards. One match I played a few months ago though, full premade, the enemy team was civil the whole time, offered constructive criticism, complimented us when we did something right, and was generally one of the best experiences I’ve had online. I think League’s tribunal system is a good start to reinforcing good behaviour and punishing flamers, trolls, etc. Granted, it takes multiple reports to end up there, but it’s still better than nothing, and they do issue bans, etc.
    I agree wholeheartedly though, playing with random people online is a bitch. My advice is to buddy up. Premades tend to be less full of trolls, etc since you’ll be playing against a full team too. Bots might be nice to roflstomp every now and again, but other than learning a champion, you won’t learn anything from those matches. Take it from the guy who played way too many of them in the beginning of his League career.

  • Michael

    There’s an easy fix to this League of Legends problem you seem to be having.

    1, look up strategies on how to build and play your character before joining a game, on sites like Mobafire or Solomid.

    2, practice by yourself with bots or coop with bots before facing an actual team.

    Rather than a casual FPS where you can just pick up how to play in ten minutes, League requires a bit of a learning curve, which can make it a pain in the ass in the beginning but a whole lot of fun when you get the hang of it.

    Games like Halo and CoD make it easy to leave and join new games like its nothing so that you can avoid assholes / douchebags / or if you’re THAT elitist, bad players. But for League of Legends, where games can easily reach 60 minutes or longer, you’re linked to that game even if you leave the match, so its understandable to be frustrated when someone basically loses the game for you. Obviously there’s a line between constructive criticism and 12 year old anonymity-fueled rage criticism, but I can at least see where they are coming from.

    But I think there should be an age requirement of at least 18 to even talk in online multiplayer, because this shit just gets ridiculous sometimes.

  • Ness

    I appreciate the thought of trying to rid the world of assholes, but i worry that it would only be a matter of time before that system would be over taken by bigger assholes. That being Greifers, and i bet that the moment that there is a way to publicly punish games for bad behaviors people will ban you for anything. Also it seems that bad behaviors are in the eye of the beholder.

    Case in point: i was playing a game the other day with a gentleman who spoke in a very serious manner. I asked him about some gameplay decisions, and why he spoke in such a serious manner. Now, i’m not sure if it was this gentleman trolling, or if was some kinda PTSD from previously being trolled, but he lashed out at assuming i was a troll. He began very eloquintly explaining how terrible a person i was before leaving the lobby. I assume i would have been a victim of the punishment levied by one of these systems of punishment.

    Just seems like it could be the proverbial slippery slope.

  • Andy

    Microsoft could hire a small team of individuals to go undercover and join games and look for troublemakers. They could hand out bans that way.

    If done properly, word would get around, and people might watch what they say.

    It’d be like how cops enforce the speed limit. You never know if there’s a speed trap around that next corner, so you go slow just in case.

    Of course, live gaming is a business, so banning paying customers isn’t too fiscally responsible at first glance. However, you could make the argument that they are losing customers because of how people currently act online, although I don’t know how you’d actually have data to back something like that up.

    • Deshra Dine

      You’re implying cops actually enforce anything… all I’ve seen are too busy playing on their phones while driving and oblivious to traffic violations

  • Shadowcat

    I’ve been gaming for years and I agree that it has been degrading over the years. The elitism really grates on me especially considering that the people doing the name calling and the insulting were once “noobs” themselves. I’ve been accused of cheating and hacking before even when I have bad games and the people who do do these things consider themselves “pro” or receive no flack from others.

    I do feel that the reporting mechanics for XBL, PSN, and other games are a placebo to make others reporting feel that it will do something and keep them playing. I have had reports on XBL actually work, but its so few and far between its almost worthless and offenders are back in just a few days.

    I agree with Skeebo that offenders do just have to wait till they get a CS rep that will believe their story, and i actually have a solution for this, the solution is that “everybody gets one” you get one grace ban before no matter the sob story given your account is gone and you are I.P banned so you cannot get another account running. I know this is a bit rough, but it will start sending a message to the people who are repeat offenders.

    I wish companies had departments dedicated to reading and assessing these reports and decide on their own merits and the merits of the anyone else in that specific department if the person is worth of a warning, timed ban, or permaban. I am willing to put money down on there being people more than willing to sit and do nothing but read and handle reports.

    I also feel that companies should add match recording servers to hold replays so that if a report comes in from a player in a specific match they can go back and look into the facts of the report, and it may take up alot of time and hard drive space, but it will be worth it because it may make the report feature feel less like a placebo than it does now.

  • chris

    for COD, i find that selective mute seems to work well. if they are interested in squad tactics, i will filter down to them eventually.

    it would be nice if a system could trust games to rate each other, but it would quickly become a tool for tools to use against one another.

    i agree that it would most likely require some heavy-handed tactics to stop this, but the only real solution would be to have players police the games themselves. if this is the behavior they want, than it will perpetuate.

    i did find a site that caters to older gamers, and when i’ve been table to hook up with them in games it’s usually a pleasant experience. the site is called geezergames.com

  • aaron

    me and my friends have recently gone back to playing local multiplayer games, like mortal kombat or even mario kart 64 or diddy kong racing. its more enjoyable to just get mad at your friend for hitting you with a blue shell, but still not taking it seriously.

    i will admit though i was one the people calling other people names, but more the people that were doing it to others, but i havent done that in a long time, hell i havent played a competative multiplayer game online for a couple of months now, last online activity i did was mass effect 3 with a buddy of mine.

  • Mark Jr

    Here’s a solution: euthanasia.

    On a serious note: I’d spent the last week on LoL playing as Graves, and discovered I was actually quite good with him. I realized I had enough IP to purchase Ashe, who I would play as until I could get Graves. It took me a couple games to get used to Ashe again, and while most people seem to be fairly decent people (at least when I play), in one game, there was this douche who called me a noob because I got ganked. Sure, it was partly my fault (went a little too far ahead without my friend, who had gone to help top), but ganking is still fairly hard to avoid.

    Anyway, so this guy calls me a noob, then blames all his deaths on me (even though I was still on bot and he was at top) then went afk for the rest of the game. Still, nothing beats the three games of Heroes of Newerth I played. The phrase “you suck noob” was used more in those three games than in every single CoD match I’ve ever played combined. They started dogging on me for dying, then immediately turned on each other for the rest of the game. Seriously. How immature can you be?

  • Limitus

    you’re reading my thoughts paul.

    right yesterdy i had a lol-match, where 2 people simply left without a word, after beiing killed the 2nd time each. i was in with 2 buddys of mine, and that totally ruined the whole match…

    why do those people need to behave this way? everyone has a bad day from time to time. shit happens.
    same thing goes with “easy” at the end of a match. it may be not an insult in itself, but dishonors the enemy team.
    banning “noob” from every game would be a very acceptable first step for any company.

    as for the rest i agree with any other option given in the comments. player police’d be great! life-long ip bans! just send a message to all those assholes around the world, who don’t know how to behave politely.

    sure, i rage from time to time, but then i swear a little to myself and keep on. IT’S A GAME! You’re supposed to have fun!!!

  • trashcanman

    100% correct, except on your thinking that fascism is the answer. There is simply no way to police the entirety of the COD fanbase (or any other) for “meanness”. If they start banning anyone who gets reported, trolls will simply start reporting anyone who pisses them off. And I doubt XBL has the manpower to sit and listen in on every game or gamer who gets reported either, and they certainly shouldn’t auto-ban the potentially innocent. All because a few (okay, maybe a lot of) thin-skinned souls don’t want their widdle feewings hurt? Meh. My problem is actually not so much that everyone is an asshole (I don’t think I ever got a win in MVC3 without a torrent of hatemail), but that the assholes have driven everyone else off so it’s become difficult to find anyone who even uses a headset on XBL anymore. I used to have the best time talking shit and making friends on games like Halo 2 or Dead or Alive 4. Now, I join any team of four people and there is maybe a 10% chance that any of them will even have their mic on. Instead, they wait until after the match and spend half an hour sending me hatemail if I did anything to displease them, and I’m pretty sure half the time it wasn’t even me that did the thing that pissed them off. The gaming community is just full of mean and nasty people now. Something we’re just going to have to deal with.

  • Rakuall

    This is why tabletop games are better. DnD, Wharhammer/40K, Infinity, Warmachine, etc. You are always playing against a real person (or people) face to face, so even if they are relative strangers for a pick up game, banter and smacktalk is lighthearted. The initial investment is (often) a little higher, but once made it can last you years.

    “Here’s a solution: euthanasia.” -Makr Jr
    Good Idea. but of the machine, not the man. If you get more than (what’s fair? I don’t play online much) 30 reports in a month, your (being the one you log into most often, or all the ones you logged into that month) Xbox or PS3 is bricked. Your account is untouched, but you need to replace your box. A $200-300 monthly fine would teach the ‘hardcore’ types to loosen up, and it would be a fine, you think many of them could give up gaming?

  • Schutzenegger

    The cure is rewards for good behavior. The problem with that is how do you stop it from being abused?

    I’ve been thinking about that one for a bit.

  • Patrich

    Mute, report, and repeat.

  • Sam

    What a bunch of n00bfags!
    Sorry, just messing with you guys. This is a real problem that needs to get fixed ASAP. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. Free speech should be a privilege, not a right.

  • Kandice

    That’s kind of why I don’t play online or mute everyone when I do. i don’t mind the ME3 multiplayer, though, because most people Ive teamed up with don’t have mikes, and the ones that do aren’t too bad. The worse I’ve had happen was one time a player would come up to me and melee me if I needed to be revived too many times in that round. I’ve heard there are some other multiplayers that aren’t too bad, but they’re not the huge ones like LoL, CoD, or BF3

  • Sal

    Reminds me of this site: http://fatuglyorslutty.com/
    Which at first I disbelieved but having jumped back into multiplayer gaming I found more and more turned off in using anything that causes me to listen or interact with people I don’t know because I have no reason to have a stranger talk that way to me.

  • in the old days of counterstrike you had the “vote-ban” option. If someone was being an a**hole, you could just call out a vote and if X% of the server agreed, the a**hole was gone.
    New player enters server and if another wild a**hole appears, repeat the process.

    that worked well enough, more games need that option!!

  • CrepuscularFlow

    Here’s a simple solution … ban anyone who’s gamertag/handle includes the words “king”, “69”, “420” or “elite” … that would kill about 75% of all the hatespeak that I hear on console games.

    • KNiles83

      Don’t forget “swag”.. and the ones with more than 2 X’s in their name..

  • wevs

    Amen to this article. What’s worse though, sometimes is when you explain what a “noob” should be doing and it’s incredibly simple, yet they fail.
    Of course you won’t hear me raging over voice chat, but it’s disheartening when you see supposedly intelligent people fail at remedial tasks like “chase the dude with the flag” or “skip the skirmish, head to enemy base”.

  • popy

    I couldn’t agree more with this. I played LOL just last night and had the same experience. I have not been on in a few months and when I try to get in the swing of things I get people frantically cursing telling me that I am this “noob” trying to enjoy a free to play game. I wish there was a way to have people be more civil on games but I believe this may just be hopeful thinking.

  • Sams

    thatgamecompany (devs of flow, flower & Journey) has the nicest community on it’s forums for it’s games, the responses to questions about Journey were quite inspiring! 🙂

    The mainstream games are the one’s that suffer the most which is a shame 🙁

  • Beorach

    It’s insane that so many online games don’t allow you to automatically mute player microphones via the options menu (perhaps with an option for making that only take effect with folks who aren’t in your friends list or something). I haven’t played much COD in awhile so I’m not sure if that’s still like it was in Black Ops but I have played a fair amount of BF3 and STILL haven’t figured out how to mute teammates consistently and swiftly.

  • a person

    if people start trash talking, just mute them. you can mute all at the start of the game if you want but it can be kind of annoying for your teammates, and you wont be able to see mias.

  • Unfortunately the only way to deal with them is to drop to their level. If they’re having a fit because you’re bad, go along with it and ruin their day by being horrible. If you’re good, just give a “U mad bro”? and piss them off. It’s playing dirty, no doubt in that, but it’s very satisfying when you take them down a notch by reacting to their comments with laughter and taunts.

    However, that wouldn’t fix a thing. The only way to fix it would be if they took voice recordings or locked down their chat system. I think that would be a great way to fix it. Let them play, but make them play in silence. But, game companies would figure that as too much work.

  • I feel ya

    Yeah it’s sad but thank god for mute.

  • Great article. I truly enjoyed reading it and have had the same issues as all of you. I would first like to introduce two things in response to this article and the individuals that commented. The first is the site called http://www.GamerPeer.com, it was created to help gamers find and interact with better gaming partners. We were sick of being matched with 13 year olds learning how to curse, rage quiters, and griefers. If you haven’t already seen it come check it out and give us your feedback.

    The second is a link to my blog that is more of a response to your article. It is an entertaining post of an experience playing LoL that almost got me fired… (damn ragequiters) Please take a look. http://crazygamerblog.com/2012/03/22/damn-lol-rage-quitters-almost-got-me-fired-again/ Hope my two points are interesting and helpful.

  • IWishICouldPlayDOA4OnlineAgain

    Of course it gets annoying when hearing little kids cuss,get mad, and ragequit. However its even more fun to beat little kids and make fun of them until they cry ^_^ Anyways to people that is butthurt posting things like how annoying these kids are, instead of listening to them why don’t you just “mute” them? In the end its the internet anyone can act whichever way they want too. Thats the beauty of being online. If everyone is nice and nobody is being mean then it would be boring in the longrun. got it?

  • Joe

    Agreed 100%. I absolutely despise the juvenile gaming community. It’s just awful.

  • Joe

    I especially agree with the draconian bit.. That would squash the trash talking almost overnight. Accounts being deactivated all over the place.. Permanent bans.. It would be glorious.

  • KW

    and this the reason I’ve never played an mmo…

  • Tanner

    In my first game of League ever, i went like 0 and 7 or so, i mean thats not terrible or anything, but after the match i had 2 of the people on my team tell me to uninstall, i was so pissed
    And also, this may just be my personal opinion, but games are also getting ruined because of the spread of all games, there isnt one. All i see is game after game of the same buttshit, like how can call of duty even be fun anymore? I play like 5 games a month (if that) and it bores me to death, i swear

  • playing COD and LoL and saying all gaming communities are bad. you picked some of the worst ones as examples and left all the good ones out of this. my only suggestion for LoL at least is play more bot games to get comfortable with the champs you want to play so that you have less of a chance to be called shitty or a noob

  • Zaggnita

    Dear “iwishicouldplaydoa4onlineagain” Umm…there is a thing called “Over doing it” People are over doing it while playing online. That is what this article is about.
    And yes, most people do mute those annoying kids, it gets tiring though having to mute everybody every five seconds while you’re trying to play a game .
    Get your facts straight first.

  • Zaggnita

    My dad was play Black Ops 2 one day. He’s trying to enjoy playing online but this one dude is really making it hard for him to do so.
    SO, when the match is over, this guy is b—ing about how “horrible” it was. My dad got fed up. Warning for people, never get my dad soo angry that he has to yell at you. This guy did that, my dad yelled at that guy for about 2 min. Everybody including that one dude was silent. That. That right there is awesome. So, I have a weapon…

  • De

    This is why I’m excited about the new punishments LoL is instating soon. If you get reported for verbal harassment, etc. often enough, instead of being put on a time ban, you get your chat privileges taken away. You must play premade matches with riot officials in which you are only allowed to say nice, constructive things. You MUST complete these matches before you are allowed to have your chat privileges back. It’s basically “if you can’t say anything nice, you’re not allowed to say anything at all.”

  • MAK

    This is such a big problem I’ve had guys say I should go die of cancer or commit suicide etc and the problem is now its even starting to bleed into playing with friends as well that’s why I prefer board games people there are a lot nicer to each other the guys I play warhammer and magic with have a simple system that could work for online as well if somone is being a**hole than we take a vote who wants that person out and who wants them we count the votes those who want them gone vs those who want them to stay if they loose they gone if they win they stay it makes a big diffrence

  • Summer

    Lol, it reminds me of the first time I decided to play a multiplayer online match of L4D2 for the first time (The first time I decided to try an online FPS too). As much as I enjoyed the game alone, the community flipped it upside down for me. Too bad Valve/Steam don’t lose money off of that, or else these problems would be solved VERY quickly.

    I’m done with online multiplayers unless I know the person/people myself. MMO’s aren’t much better since they like to require you to make friends. It’s too often that I’ll get into an MMO, just to start playing the game alone because nobody is willing to help me a bit, making it 300x harder. There needs to be more incentives to play nicely than these delayed, if even existent, consequences.

    And as for these 12 year olds… Maybe it sourced from kids. I’ve only gotten the worst from those things. Many older players I’ve noticed are actually somewhat mature. (Not to say that all kids are bad or all adults are good… just that they seem to hold a stereotype)

  • shawnyblu

    That is soooo true all u hear when u go on COD or any other shooter that is intended for adults is kids. I am so sick of it. their parents don’t even care enough to make sure that there child isn’t exposed to that type of material. Most of the time they’re giving these 5 year olds a game so they get out of the parents hair. They never monitor them or anything like that and its kinda sick. U will never catch me having my child playing a mature rated game until they are the appropriate age. They can scream and yell because they want the game but its up to me to be the parent and step up.

  • Kizechs Merquise

    it doesnt really matter what you play either, mmorpg,moba,,fps what ever the game is, if its online its bad…the insult if you win, they insult if they win, and everywhere in between, i tried playing smite and the nerve i had trying to learn a new game..how dare me. and even when i got better it just never stops, you cant get away from being insulted no matter what you do..gamers have certainly taken the fun out of gaming.

  • Jane Doe

    Thank you for writing this. I am very into video games but I don’t want to socialize with other gamers in their “communities”.

  • Suros

    One thing I’m seeing less and less of is the ability to create your own private systems to play in. Everyone wants to you go through the matchmaking system and group with strangers who have learned that abusing their freedom is more fun than the game. They’ve quickly caught on that they can abuse everyone around them without any chance of backlash.

    Online gaming is just fine. It’s gaming with the public that’s scary.

  • KNiles83

    I think the only way this could be handled would be indeed to reward good behavior.

    In GTA Online for example; I know plenty of people who have never glitched, exploited, gone to bad sport or got warned. Their reward is a “2000 dollars for good behavior”.. While the reward for glitching, exploiting and being an overall douche who doesn’t care at all about good behavior or rules nets you billions, via modded accounts – and insane stats to boot.

    I just watched a streamer play Rainbow Six: Siege an hour ago – and 3 people kept flashgrenading him for fun, blocking him and then voted him out of the session. Even the reporting mechanisms are being abused by the d-bags and a-hats of the world, because usually they have no issue finding likeminded a-holes to team up with – and for them, “crime does pay.”.

    Today’s gaming world almost rewards the ones who are disrespectful – instead of rewarding the respectful.

    And yes, we have some report-buttons every now and then but they either do nothing or are 100% automated, resulting in it being abused and not working. If only with all of these new SHARE functions on consoles (and obvious ways of screenshotting and recording on PC that have been there for ages) we could actually record proof and send in a report that an ACTUAL HUMANBEING would process.
    But no matter how many millions developers like Rockstar rack in from cash cards, or how rich corporations like Sony get, they never seem to want to hire humans to go through reports – because it would cost them money, and result in no other profit but the gamers getting better platforms to play with respectful people.

    Despite the common online claim about my sexuality (gaay!), I’m very, very tired of playing with d*cks.

  • KNiles83

    These days I see gamers always fighting and complaining… forums, youtube videos, online games with chat… it never ends.

    Tbh, even though I’ve been a gamer for about 25 years, I’ve quite started to dislike gamers overall.

  • Jon Red

    this dude do sound like a straight up n00b tho

  • AugustineThomas

    Get good bro.