Halo Then and Now Isn’t So Different

When people ask me for evidence that video game development has stalled, I point to a picture like this. This shows the very first screenshot from Halo (back when it was a Mac game) juxtaposed against a remake of the same shot in Halo Reach. Eleven years ago.

Yes, it’s true there have been many graphical and gameplay strides since then, but when you think about it, fundamentally it’s remained more or less the same game.

What would happen if we went back another 11 years? The most advanced system would be the NES, and the gap from that to the original Halo would be far more massive than the jump from Halo to Reach.

It just seems like the technology curve is leveling off. Now that we’ve discovered convincing 3D, people don’t really know where to go to make it better. It’s all still fun, but the technology isn’t constantly evolving every 2-3 years like it used to.


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