‘Halo on the Mac’ Video is Pretty Surreal


Way, way back at the dawn of time (1999) Bungie made games for Macintosh, and this is a never before seen clip showing Steve Jobs presenting their newest title, available exclusively for Mac, Halo.

As you may have guessed, Microsoft bought up Bungie soon after this, and Halo became the definitive flagship for the Xbox, as it still is today. Is that what you call irony? Or does that just suck for Apple?

It’s surprising how much the character and vehicle models in the video are the same as the actual game when it finally came out. The only difference I can really see is Master Chief’s helmet, and only marginally so.

[via Kotaku]

  • L

    ..Never before seen clip? No, not really.. It’s been seen tons of times.

    And, you can still run Halo on the Mac, but I don’t see why anyone would. Halo sucks.

  • aych bee

    such a slice of history…

  • Chris

    Nice…though not at all unexpected, considering that the predecessor series to Halo, Marathon was with the exception of Marathon 2, Mac product.

  • i mean your wrong….but the site is cool.
    i saw this on a mac a looooong time ago. right after a rousing session of Myth.

  • Rob

    So wait, they lost Halo, sure, but what happened to that big movement of games for mac?

  • SargentMac

    Just goes to show, in order for Microsoft to do anything industry leading, they have to buy a company who is doing something for Apple.