Guitar Hero 5 Contest Gives You Tickets to Experience Real Life Music as Well


So you know how the the songs you play in Guitar Hero are pretty awesome, and you really enjoy listening and rocking out to them? Well as it turns out, those songs are performed by actual artists in real life, artists who if you have money, you can buy a ticket to go to a public place and actually see them perform the songs in person. And you don’t have to do anything! They play all the music for you!

Well, in order to celebrate such a revelation (and also the release of Guitar Hero 5 this fall), Activision is giving away 25 tickets to a lucky fan. It’s five tickets to five different concerts, any concerts, in the country. And they’re not bad seats either as, the total package prize is priced at a cool $4,500.

How do you win? Go to the official Guitar Hero 5 site, register, and answer a slightly cryptic music quiz. Those who get everything write will be entered into the drawing which happens at the end of the month.

Best of luck people.


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