Grand Theft Mario Bros.


Well that went far better than expected. I’ve seen a million Mario parodies in my days working here, but this is far and away the best I’ve laid eyes on in my two years scouring the internet for stuff like this.

The guys at Gamestation have built this game trailer based on what I believe is the GTA IV engine that features Mario and Luigi teaming up to fight Bowser and save Peach, with bullets. Also cameoing are Toad, Yoshi, Bullet Bill, Shy Guys, Goombas and more. There are a few great subtle references in there as well, like the classic “EVERYONE!!!” scene from Leon, and a line from the Legend of Zelda animated series “Excuuuuuse me Princess.” See if you can hunt down any other subtle cues I’ve missed.

My only suggestion to add to the awesomeness? Give Bowser a flamethrower. Otherwise, supremely well done, and I hope to see more like this from these guys.


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