Grand Theft Auto 5 Looks a Little Better than San Andreas


The trailer was only released  few days ago, but already someone with the time and video capturing equipment has gone through and remade the GTAV spot using scenes from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

I really do think we forget what a leap it was from the last console generation to this one in terms of graphic capability. I think nostalgia clouds our view because yeah, those graphics were pretty damn awful, and though we whine about wanting ANOTHER new console generation (something I’m guilty of), we really shouldn’t take the one we have for granted, as you really can create some amazing landscapes with it.

I’m still hoping for Tommy Vercetti as the lead with CJ as a secondary playable character.

  • Huh?

    Cool video, I actually don’t want another console generation for a long time. I feel like this generation has way too much life in it to start discussing a new one.

  • tuffy

    I don’t want CJ back and I don’t want Tommy Vercetti. I don’t like the idea of reusing the same characters, and I love those two. San Andreas is my fav GTA but what more could they really do with CJ? By the end of San Andreas you have a mansion, live in Vinewood and have millions of dollars.

  • monstrinho

    Tommy is the only GTA character i’ve actually enjoyed playing. The other 2 i spent most of the time waiting for their character specific missions to end so i could actually have some fun without having to interact with fucktard buddies or go on dates. I like what they did with GTA3. A namelss wannabe you could stamp your own character onto.

  • Tim

    Damn, we really do forget how far we’ve come.

  • MetFanMac

    See, this is why I laugh when people complain about video game graphics today. Have they forgotten how far we’ve come how fast?

  • me

    i don’t think video game developers are thinking of making a new console generation . . i’m not so sure but i think the PS3 and Xbox 360 haven’t really reached the PS2 sensation that has been generated a few years back . . maybe because of the PC gaming boom . . PC have overtaken the gaming world . . no longer is the PC considered 2nd rate compared to consoles