Gotta Sink ‘Em All

beer pong

Man, someone really went and combined two of my favorite interests? Beer pong and Pokemon? Oh you crafty college kids. In my day, we just took a flat piece of lumber from the trash behind Home Depot because were too poor to buy an actual table and too lazy to decorate it with anything cool.

If we’re really behind accurate, no self respecting Poke-trainer would leave a Charizard out to face a Blastoise for more than one turn, as one Hydro Pump and that thing is going DOWN.

But I love the color coordination, the animation and the connection cable. You’ve done me proud, kids.

[via Geekologie]

  • Jackie Dusenburry

    I am sorry, but I find 1 thing wrong with this image. The hp’s of both Charizard and Blastoise at level 100. Why have 10 hp at 100? I’ve had a blastoise with 250 hp at lvl 100 once. Other than that, it’s an awesome attempt for a pokemon beer pong table..

  • AngryAmerican

    A) Totally agree with 10 HP at LV. 100 B) I know this is the video game and you should never attempt to fight against your type, but by Anime standards Ash manage to beat Gary, Charizard v. Blastoise.