Girlfriend is Confused, Girlfriend Said No in the Confusion

Look, I’m all for nerdy wedding proposals, and I’ve featured a good many of them on the site before. But if you’re going to go with a Pokemon themed proposal, you HAVE to go with the ring in the ball and an “I choose you.” Conversely, if you’re going with a card game, at least pick MTG.

Via Geekologie comes this misguided effort, and I’m noticing there’s a distinct lack of a reaction picture. But hey, maybe I’m being too harsh, and this girl has her room wallpapered in holofoils or something.

I love how it says “fake card” on the bottom, just in case you weren’t sure.

  • Daywalekr27

    I agree, for a good pokemon themed proposal go with a ring in a pokeball. This proposal would only work if she knew that pokemon is a card game. The video games and show really overshadow the card series.

    I also notice that he didn’t put weaknesses or resistances on the card.

  • Name, indeed!

    Only 150 HP? Speaking as a married man, that 150 will be sucked from your soul 10 days after the honeymoon ends…..