Ghost Reporting: The Best Costume at Blizzcon by Far

Listen up aspiring models, or random internet cuties. If you want to get e-famous, and you’re somewhat attractive, all you have to do is show up to one of these conventions in a reasonably well made costume, and your picture will be passed around the internet so fast it’ll make your head spin.

In this case through a bodysuit, some football pads and a spray painted Nerf gun created the excellent Starcraft Ghost costume on this fine young woman here. I kid, it’s far more in depth than that, but seriously, that’s a Nerf gun. She doesn’t exactly resemble any Ghost I’ve ever played with, but maybe the whiteness is meant to be invisibility or something, and I’d much prefer her on in my squad than a lanky, psychic creepster like most Ghosts usually are.

Props on going all out, and enjoy your 15 minutes of internet fame miss. Check out more photos of her below:

  • john

    what a babe

  • S.J.M

    The very little i know about Starcraft is more then made up for in knowing what i like. And i like these pictures.

  • illeaturfamily

    Damn those eyes are crazy. I’m assuming she’s got contacts in

  • DarkPassenger29

    No ass shot.. FAIL!

  • Bert

    I’ll have to deduct a very minor point or two for failing to remove the Foot-Joy logo on the golf gloves she’s wearing.

  • illeaturfamily

    In pic 2: In the background on the left there is a chick in black pants/blue shirt whose behind I’d also like to oogle.

  • NICE!

    Would have been much better if there’s a shot of her behind while she’s bending forward!

  • manderson

    Oh come on! You all know you were staring at snatch!!!!

  • Scott

    Oh my…..

    “Fist of an angry god” indeed.


    She’d be ultra hot even without the costume. She seriously needs to model…

  • Kontraband

    She is actually a golfer. Hence the FootJoy gloves.

  • peter

    she looks like a transformer… and her alt is an ipod 😀

  • “Damn those eyes are crazy. I’m assuming she’s got contacts in”

    Negative, all Asians have blue eyes



  • ghost

    Looks like this is a full compilation. From all the places, judging by the difference in resolution.

    Thought I might share ;))