Get to the Next Level with a Warp Pipe Coffee Mug

Are you a gamer with expensive tastes and a love for coffee? Then I’ve found the product for you!

This $34 mug from Fangamer combines everything you like into one creative product. Yeah, the cost is steep, but you’re drinking COFFEE out of a WARP PIPE. The thought alone is worth five bucks, and being able to do it every day? Totally worth it.

Check out the product page here, and surf around Fangamer for more cool stuff like this.

[via Geekologie]

  • J5

    If you’re looking for any random stuff like this all grouped into 1:

  • Jim Lahey

    That’s pretty stupid. A ceramic cup that is so cheap it looks like a plastic cup, and costs $34? No thank you.

  • Nick

    Definitely a cool retro mug but overpriced and their shipping is a ripoff as well, ($10 for U S P Snaiiiiiiiiil mail) is ridic.