Gamestop’s “How to Talk to Women” Training Video: Real or Fake?


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After watching the full nine minute clip, I’m not convinced that this Gamestop training video is in fact real, despite being exceptionally sexist and only rivaled in that regard by its stupidity.It was made to help out with Gamestop’s new “Sharpen the mind; shape the body” promotion, which is also exceptionally sexist and stupid, so I guess that means that video is in fact a success.

The promotion is this: if you buy a Wii Fit or some “mind sharpening” DS games, you get a free subscription to Cosmo, Marie Claire, Redbook or Good Housekeeping. Yes, at Gamestop. You get a free subscription to Good Housekeeping…at Gamestop.

The video instructs you how to talk to these women that walk in the store who will not know sh*t about video games (because girls obviously don’t know sh*t about video games), and though the video explicitly says they “don’t like being condescended to” I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for what the sales guys are doing in the video. The “training” is more or less to say “How can I help you?” then plug the stupid promotion which implies you think they should lose weight. Check it out after the jump, and what do you think? Real or fake?



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