Game Over: The Best Skyrim Will Ever Look


Alright, so I know I did a “best looking modded PC games” post a few weeks ago, but turns out my entries for Skyrim were wrong. Sure, they were good, but I hadn’t yet stumbled upon this series of screenshots. I mean photos. I mean…it’s hard to tell okay?

This series of stills were taken using a bunch of different mods all combined together. For more info on what exactly they are, you’ll want to head here for the specifics.

PC mods are usually great at showing us what games will end up looking like years down the line as graphics get increasingly better. From the looks of things here,we’re about an eyelash away from photorealism pretty soon here. Check out the gallery below:

















  • Lima Zulu

    Said it elsewhere, but I can’t get behind the superimposition of the Milky Way into the nightline. It doesn’t fit anymore than throwing our moon up into the sky would. Bleargh. Rest look fantastic, though.

  • evrlozano

    This is why I can’t finish Skyrim on the 360. I don’t have a gaming PC and all these screenshots make the game appear so beautiful that I can’t go back to the ugliness that is the 360 version.

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA


    I would imagine many of these screen pics are taken with such high res mods that the game would be unplayable. That said, you can still have a much nicer looking game on the PC.

    These shots are gorgeous.

  • wevs

    @Lima Zulu Who said that was the Milky Way? Think they don’t have galaxies in the ES universe?

  • Lima Zulu

    wevs, that is the Milky Way (since it looks just like it from Earth). Also, no, there aren’t galaxies, according to lore. Tamriel floats in Mundus. Masser and Secunda are the remains of Lorkhan, and the other 9 planets are the domains of the Nine Divines.

  • Draugr

    as I understand it the game runs at about 40fps without the grass everywhere mod. With that enabled it runs at about 8fps 😛

    This is on a GTX 670

  • JC

    great… now there is instagram on skyrim :p

  • Kujiiro

    I’m having a hard time appreciating these tiny pictures.

    • MegaSolipsist

      “Middle click to open each picture quickly in a new tab.”

      • Kujiiro

        Yes, and they are tiny pictures.

        Thankfully the guy’s website provides nice high resolution images.