Four Great Video Games I Couldn’t Love As Much As Everyone Else


I recently finished BioShock: Infinite last night, and looking back at its release, it’s quite marvelous how the game has received universal acclaim from both players and critics. I initially had no plans on buying the game because it wasn’t really the type or genre I’m usually interested in. Yet, the game came out and everyone was literally going crazy about it. I bought the game after realizing that the buzz was indeed real instead of some promotional hype. I loved it and it really blew my mind to pieces so bad, I’m still in the process of piecing my brain together as I am writing this. I’m not a huge fan of FPS games (one reason why I didn’t want to get it), but its awesomeness made up for my bouts of nausea while playing.

BioShock: Infinite is the type of game that almost everyone can love. I can already imagine myself asking people who wouldn’t like the game: “How could you not like the game?” Truly, it’s hard to comprehend why some gamers might not love a gem or would be classic as this game. Consequently, I remember myself being at the receiving end of that question several times. I’ve often been criticized in real life and on Twitter by fellow gamers for not liking a couple of video game’s classic titles. Apparently, we don’t have the right to have our own preferences online but I’m used to the Internet. It’s not that these games are bad, they’re ‘good’ games but it just couldn’t blossom to fangirl love. Most of the time it’s just not my genre, or sometimes it’s because I’ve played its massively improved sequel first. Here’s a look back at some of the popular video game titles I just can’t seem to fall in love with. If you have one to share to or have a similar experience, let me know in the comments!

1. Fallout 3


I think I’ve already lost count on how may times I’ve been asked: “How can you not like Fallout 3?” I guess it’s always been my fault for making people believe that I was interested in role-playing games. However, Fallout 3 was the catalyst that made me realize that this was not the case. I realized I was mainly interested in the narrative aspects like Mass Effect 2 and Quantic Dream’s games, more than ones that favor in depth customization and open world elements. I acknowledge this game was good, but it just wasn’t for me. Two of the things that turned me off was the fact that I felt like the protagonist was a silent dummy and that I couldn’t forge an emotional bond with the characters. It’s funny how my experience with this game made me put off Skyrim for so long. I ended up liking Skyrim for some bizarre reason, but that deserves another post.

2. Mass Effect


If you guys have known me long enough, you’re probably messaging Paul right now telling him that I’m indoctrinated. How can Benny (Unreality’s resident Mass Effect addict) not like Mass Effect? Quite weird right? Especially for someone who is a big fan like me. I’d like to emphasize the fact that I’m talking about the first game, not the series as a whole. Well, as I’ve said many times: I was introduced to the series through Mass Effect 2. It’s no doubt that the second game went through a major makeover in it’s aesthetic and gameplay. ME2 was criticized for being oversimplified, but it appealed to action oriented players like myself to the franchise. It’s hard for me to love the first Mass Effect, mostly because I was already used to the improvements in the second game. Like Fallout 3, I was not a fan of the complex inventory system among many other hardcore RPG elements. I only play the first game to create an import for my games in the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. It was more of a chore, than something I would do leisurely. Perhaps if I met Mass Effect first, things would have been different.

3. Final Fantasy VII


The first role-playing game I ever played was Final Fantasy VIII and I was still a child back then. Sometimes I consider Final Fantasy X as my first too since I was already at an age wherein I could fully comprehend the story and themes. I have the most recent Final Fantasy games at present, and I remember people were always telling me to play FFVII. They called it a classic and a ‘must play’ for Final Fantasy fans. Luckily for me, Square Enix had a massive sale for all their Final Fantasy titles in the PlayStation Store. I quickly picked up FFVII to try the game for myself and as much as I tried to love the game, it was challenging. One thing that really annoyed me was the fact that I had to run by pressing the directional button and ‘x’ at the same time. Like Mass Effect, if only I played FFVII first then I might have appreciated the game more. It also doesn’t help that people kept telling me the story before I played it.



 We all know that BioWare is pretty much known for their storytelling and character development. It really doesn’t help when people have outed the major twist in the game like who Revan really is. In addition, I seem to have a curse with playing sequels first since I played Obsidian’s KOTOR II before BioWare’s. Don’t blame me, I was only a child and I was gullible to believe anything the retailer lady would tell me. Unlike my experience with Mass Effect, I wouldn’t say that the sequel was better because I know a lot of things were cut in the game. I would say that I enjoyed KOTOR II more since I went into that blind. Knowing the plot ruined the experience for me. It reminded me of the time I watched the Sixth Sense and the reveal didn’t feel as awesome as it should have been since I knew the twist before I watched the film.

  • Carmelo

    Mortal Kombat games, past and present. Sticky and clunky character animation (semi-forgivable in the 1990’s but not today) and ant-intuitive controls.

    Call of Duty 4-present. Repetitive and needlessly frustrating.

    Diablo series, I’ve never liked the control scheme. I think gamers should get a choice between classic mouse and keyboard and gamepad support.

  • Lucas

    I can understand Fallout 3, KOTOR, and Mass Effect … but seriously – FFVII? Did you really give it a chance? When it came out I thought it was amazing on a technical level … because at the time, it had some of the best cut scenes and impressive graphics that I had ever witnessed in a video game.

    Since then, I’ve probably played it at least 4 times over and though the graphics make me cringe, the game play, the mechanics, and the story are what make it enjoyable more than any game of it’s kind … for me.

    The story is probably the best part of FFVII and I’m somewhat shocked that you couldn’t get into it just even a little?

    The next best story for me for the final fantasy franchise might’ve been 9. Though some thought that 8 was pretty good too. 10 to me was a joke and I never played any after that because the reviews kept me away. I guess I’m waiting for the day that Cloud comes back to save the day again.

  • J. Morales

    You’re not alone. I didn’t play KOTOR or FF7 when they first came out, so coming around to them now, it is hard to get as into them as if I had played them when they first came out. Games have made a lot of improvements in both graphics and UI since then, plus if the plot is spoiled, that doesn’t help either. I honestly have stopped buying old classic games because I just keep finding that games have come a long way and it is really hard to get into an old game like FF7 when you’ve got brand-spanking-new-super-shiny-and-awesome Bioshock Infinite staring you in the face.

    I played Mass Effect first and liked it but have had trouble doing replays. Just way too many cookie-cutter sidequests and not enough story missions. I’m also someone who appreciated the improvements made in ME2. I don’t mind a big inventory but when it is mostly full of garbage and duplicates and guns that are barely different from one another (should I take the gun that does slightly more damage or the one that has slightly better heat management?), it was just a pain. It doesn’t help that by endgame you end up with the best equipment of all and all other equipment becomes pointless. But I loved that game when it first came out, it has just been improved upon since those days. For the most part (we really didn’t need multiplayer)

  • J5

    Anything with the words “Final Fantasy” or “Pokemon” in it.

    I was also introduced to the Mass Effect universe through ME2… So I’m kinda wary about trying the first one, but I know I kinda have to.

  • DaveyJ

    I can identify with you on two titles (never played Final Fantasy – not my genre, not my platforms). It took a while before I could appreciate Fallout 3 (which I started twice before getting it) and KOTOR (kept playing without really getting the structure of the game, was oblivious to a game like that before I played it), but I overcame it by getting used to playing it and seeing the quality. I really had to adapt to those games but now I think they’re part of the list of the best games ever.
    I owned Oblivion before I got Fallout 3 but never could get into it, until I played Fallout 3. Then Oblivion made more sense to me and I could play that game as well.

    It is sad to hear that your experience with KOTOR and Mass Effect kinda got ruined because of playing the sequel before it, because those games are really good and have great stories. I totally get why you don’t enjoy them as much though.

  • Tim W.

    Gears of War. Its like I get it… its a really good third person shooter, but so are a lot of others. Its not like it invented the third person shooter genre or something.

  • @Carmelo

    Surprising choices, but I respect that! I always get frustrated when some of my favorite games don’t get gamepad support 🙁


    I guess it’s hard for me to really get into it when I’m used to more modern games now. For example, if I hadn’t played FFVIII before and I tried it now… I’m positive I wouldn’t be as interested in it.

    @J. Morales

    I totally agree with you! Makes me sad that I might not be able to fully appreciate classic video games of the past.


    Cool, well yeah if you want a playthrough that’s faithful to what you would choose. If you’re using PC, you might find a save online tailored to your preferences. Since I started console and played with mix morality, I had to play ME1.

    @Tim W.

    Never tried Gears of War. Perhaps, I can borrow a copy from a friend just to see what’s it all about.

  • Draugr

    I’ve always found FF7 to be one of the most overrated title in the series. – I played it when it first came out, the complaints that I had with it then are basically the same I have for it now – and it goes beyond just the generic banality of an FF story, if the complaint was with that then I would avoid the series all together (As I have begun to do, but for a myriad of reasons)

    So many good games in the series yet for some reason this one is lauded as the best – it boggles my mind

  • trashcanman

    This is an impressive gallery of personal failings! Every last one a classic at the top of it’s genre, and you didn’t like them. Bring out the cone of shame! FFVII I get because it has not aged particularly well and FFIV still kicks it’s ass storywise and combatwise, but the rest are recent enough for you to have played the first time around. Here’s why your article is awesome: a) you’re putting yourself out there knowing fellow gamers are going to be appalled. b) you are doing so with a humble and reasonable presentation of your thoughts rather than the hyper aggressive/obnoxious “STOP LIKING THINGS I DON’T LIKE” arrogant approach many writers prefer. and c) you just made me want to play Bioshock Infinite even more than I already do, which is impressive (still stuck on Gears at the moment).

  • @Draugr

    I did like FFVIII and FFX a lot, so I don’t think it’s a complaint with the FF series as a whole. The recent ones didn’t blow me away though, but I didn’t put it on the list since I didn’t think it was as ‘loved’ as FFVIII.


    Thanks man! It’s always my goal to create a post that engages everyone without being offensive or arrogant. I admit, I was kind of worried people would bash my post for being so honest haha! Yes, you should play BioShock: Infinite… the world needs more scrambled brains.

  • Stuart

    Half life series for me. I found it the most linear boring rubbish overhyped game ever. Yet everyone seems to love it for some reason.

  • I’ve never tried Half life series too! Now, that’s a real classic. I’m curious if I’m going to fall in love with it or not…

  • Diablo

    I got a love/hate relationship with FO3. One one had, having grown up during the Cold War, I really love the little touches in the back story. I especially like how they portray how things, seemingly minor things, can mutate into religions or social constructs. I like the notion that while one society collapses, one or more simply take its place.

    As a mechanical engineer…I go nuts with the time frame in regards to just how much stuff is still standing and working. I mean come on…the overpasses would be some of the first things to fall. And pretty much there would be no buildings standing that far into the future. Also, there would be much greater biodiversity, even after a massive nuclear exchange (though granted, most of it would be insect life).

    I never…could get into…any Final Fantasy games. I admit it. I don’t get the draw as it just feels like paper/rock/scissors with a goofy Japanese story line.

  • @Diablo

    I also have a love/hate relationship with one of these video games- Mass Effect. I’m a huge fan of the series and I’ve played the game more than five times, but I absolutely complain each time I do. Somehow, I compare my love for the series to a romantic relationship. You can’t just have the good, you need to take it in with the bad too. If you do, it’s love.

    Ha, don’t worry! Seems like everyone isn’t hateful about not liking popular games… well for now.

  • Kamille_Bidan

    like 90% of the people that don’t like FF7 never even played enough to see the world-map.

  • kerzie

    my fave ff is definitely 8 and i feel the same way about 7 i just couldn’t fall in love with it either i tried so hard but it just feel short specially since i played 8 first which is far superior in my opinion

  • It seems you have the same “problem” as I do with some games: Unlike most people, I HATE having too many options. Yeah, see, I like games with some RPG elements, not as the main mechanic.

    It’s nice to have upgrades to weapons and characters, some optional side missions and some different paths. But the exaggerated customization and choices always puts me off. I HATE spending 3 hours walking in circles or long distants having to choose a million stupid answers from uninteresting “text pop-up” dialogs only to power-up my character. I’m ALWAYS more interested in the narrative…I wanna feel my efforts and progress are moving the game forward…towards an end.

    That’s why I LOVED the Mass Effect 3 ending, btw 😉

  • Rane

    For me the biggest game I can never get into right now is any CoD game. They are all the same game just rehashed with a new weapon or setting. You still have the same people spawn camping in multiplayer just to say how awesome they are. It’s the most annoying thing I’ve ever had to deal with in a multiplayer game

  • MegaSolipsist

    I couldn’t get it Oblivion because I played Skyrim first. I put ~37 hours into it before calling it quits. Aftre the massive streamlining that Skyrim had, Oblivion just felt clunky and awkward. Having to sleep to level up, the really round faces, the fairly bland landscape and the badly organised inventory system; it was just a load of little things that prevented me from enjoying it after the much-improved sequel. Well, those things and the fact that every single dungeon looked exactly the same. That pissed me off quite quickly.
    I played New Vegas before Fallout 3, and NV was better, but not by as much, so I could still enjoy 3, but NV will always have a place in my heart as my first Fallout game, and I still have the memories of my insane addiction to it.