Forget Licensing, MTV and Harmonix Give the Beatles Their Own Game


I’m sure they’re smiling down from heaven. Wait, how many are still alive?

Rumors about the Beatles’ tracks being licensed for Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero play have been around for some time now, but now there’s been an official announcement one the matter from MTV, Harmonix and the Beatles’ Apple Corps. LTD.

They’re getting their own game.

I guess this isn’t surprising, considering $#%&ing Aerosmith got their own game, but they should be careful. The game is going to”a journey” from their first album, Please Please Me, to their last, Abbey Road. I think they already tried something like this in movie form, it was called Across the Universe, and I’ll be damned if I can remember anyone to tell me two things about it.

But I actually think a Beatles game could be pretty great, if done right. Hopefully they’ll stick with music-based gameplay rather than venturing into minigame land where the Beatles will be fighting cartoon dragons, pew pewing them in little yellow submarines. Oh, Nintendo isn’t making the game? Well then nevermind.

  • Well, I think it could be really cool.

    I’m a little sad about the Nintendo burn. They actually make great games, they don’t churn out trash as you suggest. They just market their wares to a larger audience.

    Even if it’s a third party game, I hope it’s on the Wii. It’s a great way to introduce new people to the Beatles.

  • Spork

    …ironically, I’m listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack right now.