For the Horde: The Coolest Video Game Tattoo Ever Inked

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It’s pretty damn hard to get a video game tattoo and have it be cool. You either have to be a really cute girl, where a pink Kirby floating above your elbow is just adorable, or a really jacked dude, where the Half Life logo branded on your chest actually looks intimidating.

But here we have something else, and it blows anything else I’ve seen to date out of the water. I’ve been a fan of these “skin-rip” tattoos ever since I saw this awesome Spider-Man one, but I have to say, this one for World of Warcraft’s Horde, is even cooler than that, and looks badass even if you don’t know what the hell it’s from. I wonder how much something like this costs, and how long it took to ink. In any case, I’d say it was worth it.

I’m looking for more angle of it, and to see the face attached to it, but no luck yet. Here’s the original source (via Geekologie) which is as far back as I can trace it so far.


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