Fond Memories of Age of Empires

I’m not usually a “macro” kind of guy, unless it’s me making them about Fable 3, but I had to laugh at this laundry list of ridiculous memories from Age of Empires.

If you played the game, chances are you’ll relate to the vast majority of these, and appreciate them in all their meme-ish glory.

From all-powerful monks to unreasonable boat capacity limits, every strange flaw about the game is in here. Feel free to add your own if you like.

  • Tim

    That was a very fun game, haven’t thought of it in ages. See what I did there.

  • some guy

    awesome game

  • Henrik

    Oh the memories. I really want to play it again now.

  • Daniel

    you missed the one about how the farms go on fire when attackec