Fixing the Balance Issues in Starcraft 2


Anyone who’s played Starcraft 2 knows that Terran is pretty overpowered at the moment, which is exactly the reason I use them.  I mean, taking down a Nexus with four stimmed Maruaders? Please.

In any case, Blizzard has taken the unprecedented step of releasing a new unit for the race that I believe will tip things in Terran’s favor a bit more. Why? Well, once you see the Terran-Tron in action, you should understand pretty quickly. Granted it uses all your buildings, but I don’t think the Xel ‘Naga themselves could stop it if they wanted to.

Update: Yes, I realize this is an April Fool’s joke from a while back.

  • Schiapu

    I think this is from a Blizzard April’s Fools from like two years ago. Still funny xD

  • sick, thats some powerful tactics right there

  • Lafkak

    Cool, way to post an old Blizzard april-fool’s joke. Clever.

  • 12

    April fools or not, I want one! in the campaign at the very least.