Five Video Games That Were Marketed by Top Celebrities

Gaming company Plarium recently launched a marketing campaign for Throne: Kingdom at War in which they used top celebrity sports stars Fernando Torres, Anderson Silva, Alexander Ovechkin and Tony Parker in the marketing campaign.  The celebrities donned medieval outfits and posed for a series of photos with the aim of personifying the feeling of winning.  The marketing campaign was a true success and the celebrities helped to market the game to a wide audience.  This got us thinking, how many other games have been marketed by celebrities?  Let’s take a look.

Lionel Messi – FIFA 13

Lionel Messi was the celebrity endorsement for FIFA 13.  He was used in the commercial, in the photo advertisements, and on the front cover of the game.  Electronic Arts wanted to use a positive role model for the campaign, and they really went all out with Messi as it was the first time in the history of the series that they’d used a single player on the game’s cover.  Fans of the sport instantly recognised the world class player, and rushed out to buy the game upon release.

Robin Williams – The Legend of Zelda

Robin Williams was a long time Zelda fan, even going so far as to name his daughter Zelda when she was born in 1989.  The game itself is considered a timeless classic with gaming fans everywhere.  So, in 2011, Nintendo decided to revive the game and relaunch it on the 3DS.  In order to promote the game, Nintendo hired Robin Williams to star in the commercial.  It may have only been 30 seconds long, but it was a huge hit with fans everywhere.  The marketing department at Nintendo did a great job!

Ozzy Osbourne, William Shatner and Mr T – World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft may have been drastically losing users of late, but the commercials for the game almost make me want to open my browser and start playing.  The great thing about the World of Warcraft commercials is that they all use older celebrities, which is one of the best ways of garnering interest from an older gaming demographic.  The commercials are undoubtedly some of the best I’ve ever seen for advertising a game and are well worth checking out if you’ve not viewed them yourself.

Robert Downey Jr – Call of Duty Black Ops 2

The Call of Duty games could probably get away with very little advertisement these days now that they have a massive fanbase, however we couldn’t leave Robert Downey Jr off our list.  In the commercial, the viewer is introduced to numerous play styles, and then we see Robert Downey Jr in a jet.  Love him or hate him, most people associate him with the Iron Man movies, making this star showing a great crossover.  The only thing we’d have loved to have seen more is him wearing the actual Iron Man suit, but then Marvel probably wouldn’t have been happy about that.

Jack Black – Atari Pitfall

Okay, you probably can’t technically say that the Atari game Pitfall had a celebrity endorsement – Jack Black is a child in the advert – however, we thought it was definitely worth including in this list, as it’s a classic game and it’s fun to look over the way games used to be advertised.  Jack Black certainly looked like he was into the game, and who can blame him?  Those graphics look immense.  Sarcasm aside, back in the Atari days, we played whatever we could get our hands on, and clearly, so did Jack Black.

So there you have it, seven celebrities who have been in video game commercials.  Can you think of any others you would add to this list?

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