Five of My Character Flaws Revealed Through Video Games

Time for a trip down honesty lane. I’ve been playing a fair amount of games lately, and I got around to wondering if the decisions I made in them actually translated to my real life somehow. After a bit of introspection, I found that many of them do, even in ways I don’t expect.

I think games bring out some of my better qualities, sure (I try to be a real life “Paragon” for example in how I live and interact with others), but there are a few things that I could work on about myself that gaming has shown me. You’ll see what I mean below.

I Can Be a Bit Stingy With Money

Eh, armor is expensive.

It happens every single time I play a game where you amass a large quantity of gold. Skyrim, Diablo, Mass Effect, you name it. Through questing, looting and other means, I always end up with an enormous pile of money that I simply refuse to spend.

Blow it all on a new set of armor? Nah, I’ll find something good on a corpse somewhere. Finally shell out for that ultimate weapon? Well is it really worth 400,000 credits? That’s kind of a lot.

So what happens? Naturally, I end up beating the game with millions of bucks in the bank, and nothing to spend it on. I suppose that bodes well for my retirement someday, but in the mean time, I should probably learn to loosen up my wallet a bit sometimes.

I’m Something of a Narcissist

Juuuust need to make that chin .002% less pronounced.

What are the first two hours of any make-your-own hero game I play? Spending an enormous amount of time in the character creation screen making sure that my hero is absolutely PERFECT.

I’m never the type of guy who will make a fat latina woman in Saints Row to be funny, or a horribly deformed Commander Shepard to make all the cutscenes awkward in Mass Effect. No, my self-created lead must be a good looking girl or guy, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave a pixel out of place when designing my hero. I’ve even restarted entire games because one niggling detail about my lead’s face bothered me. YOUR LIPS ARE TOO POUTY SHEPARD.

Sadly, I think this can be true in real life as well. I can be a bit too concerned about appearance, and I should learn to relax a little when it comes to making myself presentable. And I should especially avoid judging others by how they look, which, happens too often.

I’m Incredibly Obsessive Compulsive

You could eat off that virtual fender.

This isn’t one specific thing in games, but a thousand tiny ones. I cannot fire two bullets from a clip in Modern Warfare without reloading. I cannot go out to battle if my armor in Diablo 3 is mismatching colors. I can’t start a mission in Grand Theft Auto unless my sports car has been fixed at  Pay N’ Spray.

These are issues I just can’t seem to get past when I’m playing games, and they almost feel second nature to me now. I’ve never really stopped and thought about it before, but damn, there are a LOT of these.

In real life? I can’t leave a dirty dish alone for more than two seconds, I organize my DVDs by color, and I can’t leave my house before my bed is made. At least I’m not switching lights on and off ten times every time I enter a room, but I can be anal about stuff that really doesn’t matter at all.

I’m a Bit Too Timid for My Own Good

I know she has 10 life but WHAT IF I DIE?

This always happens in kill or be killed situations in games. I know I should press forward and go in for the final blow, but too often I worry about dying so I won’t risk it. The best example of this would probably be in League of Legends, where I’ve let so many kills get away because I was worried for my own safety, even though it’s likely I would have been just fine.

In real life, I’m not much a risk taker. I’d rather be comfortable than push myself to do something that might be the least be dangerous, but more than likely just adventurous. It’s something I definitely need to work on, and my timid play style has shown me that it translates into other aspects of my life as well.

I Want People to Like Me

In any game with a moral choice system, practically every decision I make is based on how the characters will feel toward me afterward. A game like Mass Effect is great for me, with enough chatting and charm, you can earn the devoted loyalty of everyone on your crew.

But games that have tougher choices? It physically pains me to have to upset people. Recently in The Walking Dead game, you’re constantly forced to choose sides between group members, and I get very stressed out that there’s never a “Can’t we all get along?” option. And sometimes, I’ll make a bad decision based purely on the fact that I didn’t want to upset someone, which can end disastrously for all.

It’s true in real life as well. I think we all want people to like us, but I’m always worried about the impression I give to people, and if everyone thinks I’m an alright guy. I think I am, but it’s troubling that I put SO much stock in what other people think of me. It’s something to work on.


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