First Look at DJ Hero Gameplay: I Don’t Get It


Here’s what the upcoming turntable-based DJ Hero gameplay looks like, and I have to say, I have no idea what’s going on.  It’s like Guitar Hero, only with more dancing douchebags.  I’ll say the same thing about this as I said about Guitar Hero: instead of wasting hours and hours playing and mastering these games, why don’t you spend that time, oh, I don’t know, learning to play an instrument in real life?

I’m guessing the appeal to this game will be the ability to make your own mixes and upload them for others to hear.  If not, it seems like an awful waste of time.

  • ash

    Yeah, that looks really stupid, but I hate that whole, “go learn to play the instrument instead of playing a fake one” argument. It’s a video game. Are you saying instead of playing GTA I should man up and go do it for real? Or maybe set up bricks in my back yard and smash them until coins or a feather come out? Some people just want to enjoy the gratification of doing goofy shit with out all the jail time or talent.

  • I think you’re failing to distinguish the difference between making music and endangering the lives of others. Of course I see your point, but that’s a very poor analogy.

  • “I’ll say the same thing about this as I said about Guitar Hero: instead of wasting hours and hours playing and mastering these games, why don’t you spend that time, oh, I don’t know, learning to play an instrument in real life?”

    Because playing Guitar Hero with your friends is more fun?

  • Brandon

    Making music is constructive, while assaulting people isn’t. The biggest problem with Guitar Hero/ Rock Band is when people play the game for hours just to be able to play the game on the hardest difficulty on the toughest songs. I have no problem when the game is played casually at parties, etc. but the amount of time spent playing the game can be applied to actually playing real instruments. Which ends up being more fun when you learn to play an instrument.

    But yes, we’ll never get to play in the NBA, NFL, throw a Hadoken, ollie over a building, or shoot a zombie. But you generally can’t get hurt or die playing a videogame representation of a sport or anything else like a magical attack in an RPG. That’s part of the reason why to play a videogame like Madden or Halo.

    Guitar Hero/ Rock Band is a waste of time in the long run. Just like DDR, you’re not really learning to play the music as the game is just feeding you buttons to press.

  • Who are you to say Guitar Hero is a waste of time in the long run? And why is it a problem if want to be good at a game? If people like to play then why not let them decide if they think it’s waste of time?

  • Tron

    I play guitar hero III casually (read: drunk with friends after the bar lol).

    and it’s a blast. sober i find it boring and frustrating (can’t do the hard/expert difficutly ones and i’m unwilling to invest 5000 hours of my life to do it.)

    having said that I do play REAL guitar as well (yes it’s possible to do both! :P).

    it’s fun (guitar hero) but it’s just a game, like any other video game.

    shouldn’t let it consume your life (i’m looking @ u WoW crackheads).

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  • Brandon

    Who am I to say that Guitar Hero is a waste of time in the long run? Anything that you become addicted to where it affects your relationships or work or anything where you’d rather play the game than be social or go to work is a problem. If you’re great at Guitar Hero and other games from playing a few hours a couple days a week, then that’s not so bad. But just like WoW, if you keep playing it enough that it becomes your life, you’re missing out on much more important things in life. Instead of spending 6 hours a day playing fake instruments, you could be playing real instruments. And that same amount of time applied to real instruments is much more constructive. Learning about real music is way better than playing an advanced version of “Simon”. I like playing Guitar Hero/ Rock Band as much as the average Joe Schmoe, but to play it all the time is a waste of time.

  • That’s not what you wrote, playing something a lot is not the same as being addicted and letting it ruin your social life. I played WoW a lot at one point, probably 2-4 hours a day, but I never prioritized it over social gatherings or school. Most people watch TV 1-2 hours a day, is that an addiction too? No, not necessarily.

    Once again, you conclude by saying that it’s a bigger waste of time to play Guitar Hero than to learn how to play a real instrument, and once again, that’s just your opinion. If someone doesn’t find it entertaining or interesting to play an instrument, but loves playing Guitar Hero then who are you claim they’re wasting their time? That person may, just as strongly, feel that learning to play an instrument is a waste of time.

  • IcemanD

    I never understood all the elitist hate towards Rock Band / Guitar Hero. Rock Band is an absolute blast at parties and should be looked at as a video game. It has NO REAL connection to playing actual instruments and really shouldn’t be compared to them.

    For the record, I also play the guitar.

  • Brandon

    @ Marcus:
    Hey, I play Rock Band/ Guitar Hero at parties too. I even said that playing a videogame a few hours a day isn’t a bad thing. But when someone plays the game for hours upon hours just to play the hardest songs on Expert, then that can be a problem. Videogames as something to play for a few hours a week is perfectly fine. It’s when you spend hours everyday doing something non-constructive like “mastering a videogame” that can be a problem. I’m all for learning things that can be applied to the real world. Music is culture. But music doesn’t revolve around Rock Band/ Guitar Hero.

    And no, 1-2 hours of TV a day isn’t addiction. According to A.C. Nielsen Co. the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV a day. That’s addiction considering you spend around 16 hours of your day awake. And especially if you work part time and go to school at the same time.

    And yes, there’s little connection to playing real music, beyond the basic understanding of rhythm. I too play guitar and drums, but I just feel that videogames should be played sparingly.

  • Buddy Lee

    addiction to video games an the go play a real instrument are two different arguements. And we heard you on both subjects the first time.

    ** for the record, if someone wanted to play a real instrument they would. Some people do not want to and just to enjoy a game for crying out loud.

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  • Brandon, watching TV 4 hours a day isn’t necessarily an addiction either. And yes, when someone plays those games for hours each day, it can be a problem, but that doesn’t mean it’s a problem in every single case. I mean, you can be addicted to playing a real guitar as well, making it ruin your social life, etc., but as long as you’re actually learning something it’s okay?

  • Brandon

    In all honesty, I’d take the Guitar/ Piano Addict over the Gamer or TV addict. Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, and Beethoven were all introverted musicians. They basically lived in music and were addicted to it. They all ended up being great. Being a Gamer addict won’t lead to anything constructive.

    Sure, being an introverted musician doesn’t automatically make them addicted to music. But music does consume their life.

    And I’m sorry, but watching TV 4 hours everyday is an addiction. Yes, there are exceptions, but the majority of America is addicted to TV. Why do you think TVs are in every hotel room? TVs are in people’s cars. TV’s are at restaurants… bathrooms in restaurants. It’s a little much. America loves to do a lot of “nothing”… as in non-constructive things. It’s part of why we’re still fat.

    I agree that some people don’t want to learn an instrument, which is fine. But when someone plays a game to “master” a faux-instrument? I see that as a problem.

    And yes, the Beatles Rock Band should be great. I’ll leave it at that.

  • “They all ended up being great. Being a Gamer addict won’t lead to anything constructive.”

    Oh, really?

    Regardless, you’re definition of “not wasting your time” seems to be whether or not the person learns something constructive. That’s your opinion, and may not apply to how other people feel.

  • Brandon

    Yeah, use Wikipedia as a source. No one outside of the Gaming world has ever heard of those people. Joe Schmoe that knows who the Beatles are, knows who Beethoven is, knows who Michael Jackson isn’t gonna know who any gamer is. You’re seriously gonna compare those nobodies with Bob Dylan or Beethoven? Yay, Fatal1ty has another headset… I’m sure it’ll show up mainstream and will change the world.

    Videogames are a past-time. “Professional Gaming” is a joke. There’s a small niche of people that follow it, but it’s becoming the next Professional Poker. A non-athletic game that people take too seriously. And again, this is why America has so many health problems.

  • Who cares if they’re aren’t rockstar-famous, that’s beside the point! Gaming lead to something more than a “waste of time”, as you’d say, for these people. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous and unimportant YOU think these people are, they’re making a living by playing games, i.e. something constructive did come from playing. And I’ll go back to my previous point, it doesn’t matter what YOU think is a waste of time.

    There’s nothing wrong with using Wikipedia as a source when the articles have references. Besides, it’s not like someone just made those persons up, Google would give you the same information.

    Attributing America’s health problem to gaming is ignorant and unfounded, South Korea has one of the biggest gaming cultures in the world and their obesity rate is 3.5% USA’s is 34.3%. (

  • Brandon

    It doesn’t matter what YOU think isn’t a waste of time either. This is just going in circles… we should just agree to disagree.

  • Brandon

    And South Korea has a military draft for all males… so they’re required to not be sedentary along with their different diet. They stop gaming once they’re in the military. Americans are generally lazy and things like Poker and Gaming only add to the obesity.

    And calling professional gaming as constructive is like calling professional poker or professional beer pong constructive. It’s not constructive just because they’re making a living out of it… they’re promoting a sedentary lifestyle.

    And go ahead and try to use Wikipedia as a source in a paper, or when publishing a book… yeah, that’ll work great. Any idiot can mess with Wikipedia and that’s lame.

  • I’m not saying that playing a lot of video games isn’t a waste of time, I’m saying that some people may not feel it is. That’s the difference between you and me in this discussion, I’m not trying to put a negative label on someone’s activities, you are.

    “And South Korea has a military draft for all males […]”

    Now you’re just making unfounded claims, the obesity rate in Japan is 3.9% and they have no military draft, so there goes that ridiculous argument.

    Concerning Wikipedia, no, I would not cite Wikipedia in a book or an article, but this is a comment thread, relax. Also, when the Wikipedia article(s) in question HAS REFERENCES there’s no problem citing it.

  • casey

    I just stumbled on this discussion, and I’m sure nobody cares, but I still feel compelled to point out that this Brandon fellow is just the kind of oblivious douchebag to spend 5 DAYS refreshing an argument on the web, insisting that everybody else is wasting their time doing things they enjoy.

  • Something is wrong with you if you spend 5 days on a discussion online?