FIRE EVERYTHING! – What a 2,800 Ship Battle Looks Like in EVE Online

Eve 9

I don’t play EVE Online, but I know enough about it to know when a significant event takes place within the universe. The game is known for its unpredictability and huge player based, which can result in full-scale battles like the one you see above. It’s 2,800+ ships slugging it out in one massive battle, which has crossed over from sci-fi coolness to pretty much a work of post-modern art.

As for why this happened? Here’s something of an official description, but I’ll be damned if I can decipher it:

The GSF op was intended to ambush a lowsec skirmish over a tower between Drunk n’Disorderly and Liandri Covenant.

Thinking that they could outnumber the PL force, GSF called in more supers to escalate the engagement, which resulted in a full-on cross-nullsec rush to Asakai to get in on the brawl. Black Legion, NCdot, HBC and 401K as well as lowsec locals have turned up to the fight, which not only is experiencing a total TiDi-lock at 10% speed, the slowest TiDi level possible.

Yep. So, space lasers. I can’t tell if this is a selling point for the game, as it’s awesome to have 2,800 players fighting at once, or if it’s a negative because it’s hard to tell what the shit is going on. More photos below:

Eve 8

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