Finding Master Chief in Halo Reach


I think we all knew that there were going to be a few Easter Eggs tucked away somewhere in Halo Reach, and the good folks over at Achievement Hunters have pointed out the first one.

The hero of the previous trilogy, Master Chief, is tucked away in the final scene of the game, and you’ll have to manipulate the camera yourself if you want to see him. You can really only the the top left part of his helmet, but everyone maintains that’s him, and it would fit in with the beginning of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Warning: The video contains spoilers about the ending, but I suspect if you’ve had the game for a week, you’ve had time to beat it twice by now.

Side note: Did anyone else think the black guy on Noble team with the skull helmet was going to turn out to be a young Sgt. Johnson from the other games once he finally took his helmet off?

  • slappy bag

    would be cool if halo was crap compared to half life

  • wallis

    No nobody thought that Paul because Sgt.Johnsson is a human and the guy with a skull helmet is a spartan and Master Chief is the only active spartan left after Halo Reach.

    Spartans stand at 7ft tall and are chemically enhanced super soldiers trained from birth. I think you’d notice in halo1/2/3 if Sgt.Johnson fit that description.

  • Lima Charlie

    Johnson was a SPARTAN, but only SPARTAN-I. He’s special, but not armor-bearing. Or big. Or young. The timespan between Reach and Halo is days, weeks at most.

  • Alex

    There are a few other Spartans left besides chief. They are trapped with Halsey on a forerunner shield world.

  • Ottoman

    If you’ve read the books, you know that it’s actually Linda in the cryotube. Nice try, though.

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  • Lolol, I’m so glad video games have Easter Eggs.