Fat, Ugly or Slutty – Where Online Gaming Misogynists are Crucified for All to See

I was recently directed toward this site, FatUglyorSlutty.com. It may sound like the world’s worst HotorNot clone, but rather it’s more of a social experiment.

It was started by a few female gamers tired of the heaping piles of misogynist shit they heard or had sent to them day in and day out over Xbox Live, which is notoriously full of assholes and immature creeps. But while I’ve become immune to being called a “faggot” at this point, I didn’t realize just how bad things were for girls on these sites.

I can’t even reprint most of the stuff that’s said here, and since its inception, the site has grown past XBL to other game centers as well, though the Microsoft service does remain the top contender.

The best part of this is that these idiot’s gamertags are presented front and center for the world to see, so any internet white knights out there can go and counter harass them if they see fit.

I fully believe that other people are the primary reason multiplayer gaming sucks so much these days, so maybe if a site like this gets really popular, people will curb their language, especially toward women, for fear of being publicly crucified.  Although in counterpoint, since Gamertags are still anonymous to the public, some may start saying vile stuff to see if they can MAKE it on the site.

I think moderators need to browse this site and starting handing down bans to these assholes. THAT’S the only way to get through to them I imagine.


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