Far Cry 3’s Vaas Comes to Life


Did you know that Far Cry 3’s Vaas was a real person? I mean, of course he’s a real person, as all characters have a voice actor. But in this case, his VO, Michael Mando, actually IS Vaas in real life.

Or at least he pretended to be for a series of videos promoting the game that I missed around its release. Above we have his “audition” where he’s abducted from a mental asylum and simply recorded in the studio. Below that is a series of videos taken from the “Far Cry Experience” web series, all of which have Vaas torturing Christopher Mintez-Plasse in some way. I didn’t know any of this stuff existed, but it’s awesome to see that they simply made crafted Vaas from the actor, through and through, as that doesn’t often happen. No wonder the voice acting was so good.

Check out the other videos below:

Making of:


Vaas on Power Regeneration


Vaas on Protein


Vaas on Pyrotechnics


Vaas on Spiders


Vaas on Snorkleing


Vaas on Hygine



  • Mark Miller

    You should have posted the whole Farcry: experience video. It was great to see more Vaas as they game didn’t have enough.

  • Karim

    The same protocol was done prior with Samuel Witwer playing The Force Unleashed character of Starkiller. There likely are more games blended with video to real people. After all, the computer models get their looks based upon real people for the most part.

    It’s amusing how Micheal Mando is milking his video game character of Vaas. I suppose it’s self-promotion and fun at the same time. Not too kid friendly though and definitely a ‘sick’ role model for those who obsess with that sort of thing. Anywho, I felt as if Vaas was short lived in the game … rushed and hidden for most of the time until his odd demise.