Fantastic Mass Effect Loyalty Mission Movie Posters

I’ve always said that each one of Mass Effect’s loyalty missions for the individual crew members could have been entire games themselves, so why not movies? That’s the idea one designer, Miri Strahovski, ran with, and she used the art of Benjamin Huen to make the posters. And I found all these via Geek Pinata. That’s a lot of credits.

But damn, these are cool, and I wish they were available for sale somewhere, but that doesn’t appear to be the case just yet. Out of all these, which was your favorite? I loved Tali’s and Garrus’s, but I’m a little bummed Mordin’s didn’t make the cut here.

Check out two more below, not sure why I can’t find them bigger.


  • Victoria

    If you want copies of the images themselves, they are from the Mass Effect art book, “The Art of the Mass Effect Universe.” I know it’s not the same as having the poster form, but it’s something. Not to mention, the rest of the art book is incredible. It’s a staple on my coffee table.

  • Mark Jr

    I always thought it a bit ironic that you killed exactly zero people in Thane’s loyalty mission, considering he’s an assassin and you mow down an entire army in everyone else’s mission.

    That said, I agree, Garrus’s is my favorite loyalty mission. It’s just…Garrus!

  • Patrick

    Mark Jr. – That’s probably because you had to kill like two million people to make it up the tower in order to recruit him.

  • Graeme

    Tali’s was the best in my eyes. The emotion felt throughout it, especially with her dad. She was my favourite character by far. ME is my all time best game series.

  • MassEffectNerd

    Just so you know – Miri Strahovski almost certainly isn’t the artist’s real name. Miri is the nickname that Miranda Lawson’s old friend Niket uses for her in her loyalty mission, and Yvonne Strahovski is the actress who provided Miranda’s face and voice.