Expanding My Cosplay Horizons with Valkyrie Profile’s Lenneth

I write a lot of cosplay posts for the site here, but sometimes I feel that I’m limiting my scope by only featuring super popular characters from games we’ve all played.

Therefore I figured it was time to head into some more uncharted waters, with this awesome costume from a game series called Valkyrie Profile. I’m told it’s based around Norse mythology, and though I’ve never played it myself, the heroine looks pretty damn cool. It’s one of the three sisters from the game, Lenneth, and it’s from believe it or not FIRST TIME cosplayer Shappi out of Poland. Or at the very least it’s her first time making armor and wings.

There’s a whole gallery of her project below, and despite me not knowing who this is, I can definitely respect the work, and this is one of the cooler costumes I’ve seen. Check it out:


  • it looks good 🙂 come to me dark warriors ! battle await us !

  • Parorou

    Oh my god. I love those non-stripperrific but feminine costumes. This one’s just awesome, love it!